Drunkenness is the impaired state of mind brought on by massive amounts of consumption of alcohol.

Logic is the thought process brought on by observation that leads to reasonable conclusions and actions.

After being at a party on Saturday night and watching the consumption of 8 cases of beer (Fat Tire, Coors, and Corona), 2 cases of hard cider, 4 cases of Mike's hard lemonade, 3 bottles of vodka, 1 bottle of rum (mixed with coke), 2 bottles of peach schnapps, 2 bottles of strawberry schnapps, 2 bottles of tequila, and 3 trays of Jell-O shots by a group of 25 people; I came to one conclusion. Drunk Logic does exist.

One might argue that because of an altered state of mind a drunkard cannot make a logical decision. On the contrary.

When one finds themselves drunk, wasted, and sloshed it's the simple matter that everything even slightly enjoyable suddenly becomes logical.

Indeed, even with an altered state of mind, you can still observe and make logical decisions. The problem is that these decisions become a whole lot less logical when you wake up somewhere and don't remember how you got there, or the name of the person next to you.

Also, waking up with a hangover, while not immediately life-threatening, is never a fun experience.

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