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The Ducati Monster is a model of "naked sportbike" made by Ducati. They are essentially an all purpose comfortable motorcycle designed for comfort and city use.

However, unlike most "Naked sports" or "Sport Standards", they don't have large seats that allow you to shift your butt around. The handle bars, while not as low and angled as your average sportbike, are still somewhat low and require a bit of leaning with your back. Because of this the Ducati Monster is seemingly more designed for the race track than all day city use. This is of course, due to the fact that Ducati focuses entirely on racing motorcycles. When they think of how to design a motorcycle, they imagine it on a race track instead of an urban street.

Current models of the Ducati Monster:

620 - The lowest end model sports a 4 valve desmo L-twin engine displacing 618 cc and making a wonderful 60 hp at the rear wheel. According to some articles I read about the 620, its “favorite speed” is 90 mph. Hot damn!
800 - The midrange of the monsters, exactly the same as the 620, only it displaces 803 cc and produces 73 hp at the rear wheel.
1000 - Once again exactly the same as the previous only it has 992 cc of displacement and boasts 84 hp.
S4R - The top range, most powerful Monster ever built. It features the incredible 8 valve Desmodromic Superbike engine. Another L-twin with 996 cc of displacement. However it produces a fantastic 113 hp. Pretty fast for a bike intended to cruise the streets.

Overall Ducati Monsters are some of the nicest motorcycles I’ve seen, or heard. But if you can afford the maintenance costs and the costs it takes to make it comfortable, than it will surely be one of the funnest bikes in whatever city you live in.

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