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Duck Duck Go is a commercial search engine launched September 25, 2008

Alternatively spelled DuckDuckGo and Duck Duck Go, the site is located at duckduckgo.com, or as a shortcut, ddg.gg, the policy that Duck Duck Go strives for is to give the user as much privacy as possible, as well as generally being a good and useful search engine.

You, the user, are not tracked nor are your searches or results, and it provides a couple of visual guides to explain what they don't do that other search engines do that can easily be said to invade your privacy and filter results.

They also allow customization of many parts of the interface, how much privacy you want (offering the use of Tor for your searches, etc.), and color schemes.

Another great feature is their use of "Zero-click Info" boxes which contain aggregate information on what you searched. So if I, for example, typed in "HTML", it will give me the links, and above them a box that says, roughly:
HTML, which stands for HyperText Markup Language, is the predominant markup language for web pages.
More at Wikipedia
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There are also !Bangs which allow you to easily go straight to the search that another website has. Example: You want a lamp, and Duck Duck Go is your browser's primary search engine, so you type "!amazon lamp" in the Duck Duck Go search bar, and you end up searching at Amazon, or "!ebay lamp" for eBay or "!shop".... The website has a long list of these !Bangs, but you can just take a guess at it, and there is good chance it will direct you where you want. Probably not !e2, though.

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