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Dude Love was the original Mick Foley persona, created before he became a professional wrestler. He and some college buddies created a film starring Mick as the Dude.

During his WWF appearance (which Foley described as a "dream come true" -- that is, to have his ridiculous college fantasy come true), "The Dude" dressed in ridiculous tie-dye and sunglasses and was a babe magnet. The "set" for his interviews (usually in a corner of the arena) featured lava lamps and brightly coloured inflatable furniture. And of course he always had two women on his arms, swooning over him -- which was all the more entertaining since he is a rather dumpy, unshaven guy with ragged hair and only one-and-a-half ears!

Mick Foley's dream to become a professional wrestler began with Dude Love.

In a home movie Foley and his friends made in high school (at Ward Melville High School in East Setauket, New York to be precise), Foley created the persona of Dude Love, who was everything that Foley was not--hip, attractive, great with the ladies, and a terrific professional wrestler.

Dude Love was put on hold for 12 years, as Foley wrestled as Cactus Jack for his first decade as a pro wrestler. He was planning only to be Cactus Jack for a few months--until he got good enough to debut Dude Love as the hero he had always envisioned.

Wellllll, things don't always turn out as planned. Cactus was successful enough on his own accord to delay the debut of Dude Love--indefinitely.

But in 1997, after Foley had been wrestling in the World Wrestling Federation for a year or so (as Mankind), Vince McMahon decided to take a chance and debut Dude Love.

For weeks leading up to it, they showed clips of the home movie Foley and his friends had made, and even explained that it had always been a dream of Foley's for Dude Love to wrestle in the WWF.

And so, during a feud with HHH in the summer of 1997, Dude Love became the second of Mick Foley's personas to surface in the WWF.

The Dude never showed up much--during most of his tenure in the WWF Foley was Mankind, with a little Dude and Cactus sprinkled in occasionally, but Foley's dream of being Dude Love was definitely accomplished.

For more information about Foley's career in general, see Mick Foley.

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