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Dudley's Dungeon

In the arena of online comics, a new challenger has taken his stand. On February 2nd, 2004, Dudley's Dungeon arose as a NetHack-dedicated strip. http://www.nicolaas.net/dudley/index.php is its current residence. It's a good thing too, because the webcomic world is severely lacking in comics which can be read in text-only browsers.

"So what," you say. "Comics about NetHack have been around at least since UserFriendly dropped one in 2001 (and others since), and the Usenet Oracle has given several rounds of NetHack advice as well."

To that I say, good point. However, Illiad of UserFriendly has other concerns, and cannot be bothered to produce every single comic in 'NetHack-mode' for two solid months. Thus, Dudley's Dungeon takes the lead in NetHack comics.

I eagerly await the tombstone which announces, "Dudley - killed by the mail daemon."

At the present time, Dudley's Dungeon runs on viewers' submissions. The comic's creator ended his own storyline by having Dudley ascend. Several of the viewers are talented writers, and as the comic only really appeals to NetHack players, they are usually quite fluent in NetHack-style jokes. For instance, what happens when you look at a blue gem lying on the floor, then you speed yourself up as much as possible, then look at the gem again? Why, it has become red of course!

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