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Duffin's Creek is located in Durham Region of Ontario, Canada. Locally, the name Duffin's Creek is used to refer to any of 3 distinct yet connected streams in the Pickering and Ajax area.

West Duffin's Creek is 35km long and lies in the city of Pickering. It rises from the hamlet of Goodwood and flows south-east through the hamlet of Whitevale and down the Seaton Valley. There it turns east and crosses over into the town of Ajax and joins the East Duffin’s Creek.

East Duffin's Creek rises farther north than the western branch, near the hamlet of Balsam in Pickering. The East Duffin’s flows almost directly south, passing through the Greenwood Conservation Area and into Ajax.

The east and west branches of the river meet in the area of Ajax called Pickering Village. From that point to its mouth on Lake Ontario, the river is named Duffin's Creek.

The creek is named for an Irish trapper named Duffin who lived in the area in the 1780s. He built a cabin near the mouth of the creek but is only know to have lived in the area for a few years. Duffin disappeared around 1790 and it is suspected that he was murdered.

Augustus Jones, Deputy Provincial Land Surveyor, surveyed the area around Duffin’s Creek in 1791. Duffin's name was already connected with the creek and area by that time, so the river was officially named after him. The first settlement, which was established in 1801 near what is now Pickering Village, was also known as Duffin's Creek.


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