Media mogul who owns Phillips Broadcasting (formerly Duke's House of Chicken and Waffles) on the ABC/FOX TV show The Critic. His network is the home of Coming Attractions, the movie review show hosted by film critic Jay Sherman.

In 1994 Duke was diagnosed with a rare medical condition that was previously only seen when first cousins intermarry. He was given four years to live, but Jay worked long hours developing a cure to the condition, dubbed Jay's Oil.

Duke resists being called an illiterate country bumpkin, a stereotype he is always trying to escape due to his southern accent. He maintains a collection of four mechanical hillbilly bears in his office that sing at the push of a button. ("We're the bears who sing for Duke, doo dah, doo dah. Drinking moonshine till we puke, oh the doo dah *hiccup*"). His favorite meal is side meat and turnip greens, mashed potatoes and pinto beans, possum stew and shoefly pie, and pickled pigs feet fresh from the sty.

Duke developed a device capable of reediting old movies to have happier endings, dubbed Phillipsvision. However he destroyed the machine to pay a debt to Jay Sherman. Duke also ran for president in 1996, but dropped out of the race after insulting most everyone and appointing former New York governor Franklin Sherman, who is mentally interesting (to say the least), to be his running mate. It was during his presidential bid that Duke married June Lockheart in order to improve his image as a family man.

Duke was last seen fleeing on goat-back to escape paying a bar tab, exclaiming "I never pay for nuthin'!"

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