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Faction Profile for the Avalon Hill Dune board game.

As the Atreides you play Paul Muad'Dib. Your heroes are Thufir Hawwat, Lady Jessica, Gurney Halleck, Duncan Idaho and Dr. Yueh.

The Atreides start with a decent sum of money, a large contingent of troops already on Dune and control of Arrakeen.

Paul is prescient, allowing him the following abilities:

  • You may look at each Treachery Card before bidding - thus keeping you from wasting your money, and letting you know what everyone has.
  • Before movement, you may look at the top card of the Spice Deck, letting you know where spice will next show up, and if a worm is coming.
  • You may force your oppoent to reveal one element of their battle plan (Hero used, number dialed, weapon or defense).
  • Any turn after losing at least 7 troops you may claim the Kwisatz Haderach counter which shows Paul's influence in battle - giving additional points to every battle the Atreides participate in.

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