The Dust Brothers, famous for the song "This is Your Life" (featuring Brad Pitt) from the Fight Club movie soundtrack, produced such hits as Tone Loc's "Funky Cold Medina" and "Wild Thing" and, somewhat surprisingly, Hanson's "MMMBop". They have also done incredible remixes and produce some of the best film soundtracks, often writing their own music (as in Fight Club), although they have never released an album themselves.

The "other" Dust Brothers, aka The Chemical Brothers, had to change their name after settling out of court with the Dust Brothers US. They considered such names as London Dust Explosion before choosing The Chemical Brothers, a thinly veiled reference to their song Chemical Beats. They also named their Astralwerks record imprint Freestyle Dust and named their first album Exit Planet Dust. The Chemmies released three EPs under the name The Dust Brothers, including Song to the Siren, Fourteenth Century Sky, and My Mercury Mouth, which cannot be rereleased for copyright issues.

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