Son of Frank, Dweezil is an accomplished musician and actor. He has released 4 solo albums (Havin a Bad Day, My Guitar Wants to Kill Your Mama, Confessions of a Deprived Youth, and Automatic), two albums with his brother (under the name Z): Shampoohorn and Music for Pets. Dweezil has recorded/performed with and appeared on albums by many many people including his dad, Ozzy Osbourne, Lisa Loeb, Warren DeMartini, Fiona, Don Johnson, Winger, Jeff Scott Soto, Spinal Tap, Pat Boone, Carmine Appice, Dixie Dregs, Sam Kinison, Terry Bozzio, his sisters, and Tipper Gore.

Dweezil is only marginally less experimental than his father. He tends to stick to a more 'rock' arena with his work but has no qualms about pushing the genre past the breaking point. He is a virtuoso with a wicked sense of humor and will jam with anyone, anytime, on anything.

He also is an actor, having appeared in a variety of films and TV Shows and done a stint as an MTV VJ. Most recently he has been hosting Weird Worlds on TLC and appearing in Howard Stern's Son of the Beach on FX.

I forgot to mention he is primarily a guitarist and is able to imitate the style and sound of any guitarist you've ever heard.

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