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Erich von Däniken was a controversial writer in the 1970s. He wrote books such as "Signs of the Gods" and "Chariots of the Gods" which contained some of his most outrageous theories. They may seem a little unsettling, but keep an open mind, if for nothing else but a laugh.

Take a look at evolution. The humans versus the dinosaurs. How many millions of years were the dinosaurs, or any other animal for that matter, in power. Mammals came after the dinosaurs, and that was 65 million years ago. However, current human fossil remains are not all that old, a maximum of about 100,000 to 1 million years. Why is it that humans evolved so quickly when every single other species ahead had not?

Insert laughter here.

It can be attributed to aliens. There are many ways in which this could have happened. One such way is that aliens found a prehistoric version of the human. The aliens took the DNA, and manipulated it to their liking, bred the human, and let it go on the planet. This new human was essentially given more intelligence and a better physical nature. Since there couldn't be two human races, the aliens systematically destroyed all of the original humans. This would explain the lack of the so called "missing link," simply because the aliens destroyed it.

Another explanation is that aliens came down and taught humans, sort of like the Monolith in 2001: A Space Odyssey. There are various reasons why the aliens came down. One reason is purely to teach. There are apparently cave drawings of humanoid figures with helmets around their heads coming from the heavens, or coming from big objects. It is thought that these figures were responsible for the evolutionary jump.

If we stretch things enough we can explain the existance of the asteroid belt. So there is an interstellar war between two alien races. They just happen into our solar system, but we are still in our human infancy, we don't know what is going on. Well, back then there was an extra planet between Mars and Jupiter, another terrestrial planet. One of the alien races is being pursued into our solar system. They set up a decoy installation on this extra planet, but really hid on Earth. They begin teaching us there while waiting for a rescue that never comes. The base on the extra planet is destroyed, as well as the entire planet. It breaks up into hundreds of thousands of peices that make up the asteroid belt.

If you want to read more about these incredible ideas, read some of Erich von Däniken's work. I assure you that there is plenty more to read, including a comparision of the Arc of the Covenant to a nuclear-powered manna making machine that was a gift from aliens.

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