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The westernmost north-south 2 digit European route. The south end is in Sevilla, Spain, at NIV/E05; E803 crosses E01 on N630 just west of downtown. E01 goes west along A49 to Huelva, where the freeway ends. E01 exits onto N431 just before Huelva, which takes you to Portugal, where the IP1 freeway starts. Near Albufeira, the freeway ends, but IP1 continues as part of E01 until Azinheira dos Barros, where E01 hops on the A2 tollway via IP8. E802 heads east on IP2 in Ourique, south of the current end of the A2 tollway. At A6, IP7 and E90 join on, and A2/IP7/E01/E90 turns west. At the next interchange, IP1 joins on for 5 numbers on the same road. At A12, IP1 leaves, but the other four routes are still together. The tollway ends in downtown Lisboa, and so do A2, IP7, and E90, leaving only E01. E01 runs along city streets, and is joined by E80 somewhere downtown. The city streets take E01/E80 to N249, which feeds into the A1 tollway. IP1, which bypasses downtown Lisboa, joins on soon after at A12, giving the road 4 numbers. E801 goes east on IP3 north of Coimbra. Near Albergaria-a-Velha, E80 splits off (at IP5). IP1 bypasses downtown Porto to the east, while A1 and E01 goes west. A1 becomes A3 somewhere downtown, and soon E82 joins on. IP1 joins back on north of downtown, making the road A3/IP1/E01/E82. E82 splits off at A4/IP4. E01 continues north with A3 and IP1 to Spain, where the tollway ends and E01 uses N550. E01 turns west on A52 in Porriño, and then north on the A9 tollway in Vigo. E70 joins on at A6 near Betanzos, and just afterwards E01/E70 leaves A6 for a westward run to La Coruña on the A55 tollway. The tollway ends downtown, along with E70, while E01 continues to the ferry docks.
E01 may or may not have a ferry to Kilrane, Ireland. From Kilrane it goes northwest with E30 along N25. E30 and N25 split off to the west and N11 starts in Wexford. E01 then heads north to Dublin, where it goes thru downtown after using a section of the M11 motorway. Downtown, N11 becomes N1 and E20 crosses on N7. Eventually E01 is planned to use the M50 motorway around Dublin. A couple sections of M1 motorway exist north of Dublin; all carry E01. N1 becomes A1 as it enters Northern Ireland. In Lisburn, E01 hops on the M1 motorway, which is also E18. E01 and E18 head thru downtown Belfast, and then go north on the M2 motorway, along with E16. At A8, E01 and E18 head north, while E16 stays with the M2 motorway. A8 ends in Larne, as does E01. E18 continues east along a ferry to the main part of Great Britain.

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