All countries and civilisations have a form of currency, which is exchanged for goods or services. This started with the barter system, where objects such as livestock, food and wives were swapped for other required necessities. This soon moved on to shiny stones and then the formation of money came about.

Today there is a range of currency, each with a value of it’s own, compared to that of another civilisation. For example, the currency I deal in day-to-day is the New Zealand dollar. This is worth about half that of the U.S dollar, and about a fist full of gravel in other currencies.

It occurred to me today that, E2, being a virtual community, requires a currency of it’s own also. This could be used for purchasing t-shirts, bidding in on-line auctions, bribing the Gods to not Nuke yer ass, and purchasing C!s and +’s if your nodes are slipping into obscurity.

Without further ado, I will describe the planned currency, and ensure production starts immediately in my basement mint I happen to have discovered when looking for a place to start my illegal alcohol production facility:

  • The E2 currency will be given the names of Every and Thing, where an Every will represent the paper dollars, and a Thing is the round, metal cent, represented by an 'E' (not to be confused with the worthless euro, or designer drug sold to stupid teenagers) and 't' respectively. An example would be to purchase a C! at the ever-fluctuating price of 3 Every and 19 Things (3E 19t).
  • The Every notes (in their physical form) will feature pictures of the E2 founders, and high-ranking members of the E2 society.
  • To allow everyone to have a picture of themselves on the notes, there will not just be the regular 100, 50, 20, 10 etc denominations, there will be every note starting at 1, and moving up through 2, 3, 4, ... 40,000, or as many as there are registered E2 noders.
  • Getting your picture on an Every will become a power distributed after reaching a certain level.
  • XP can be traded for money, but at a rate set by the International Banking Trust of E2
  • E2 will work as an online bank, and issue high-interest Home-Node loans and ludicrous mortgage rates, thus ensuring you are trapped and must create quality nodes for which you are rewarded moneys.
  • Failure to repay loans will be met with penalties ranging from random nukings, downvotes, or abusive softlinks.

Please note: Physical currency can be purchased from the National Mint of Tarquinious for substantial sums of real cash, where 1E printed in black and white and photocopied twice will cost a mere $15,000, or a small deserted island in a tropical location.

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