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  • e2 thoughtcrime t-shirt!
    A t-shirt with a black background with the e2.com-logo on the back and Text on the front that looks like circuitboarding that says ">>Thought Criminal<<"
  • My radical ideas have already occured to others t-shirt!
    A t-shirt with a white background and the e2 logo on it that has a listing of all of the "Your radical ideas about xxx have already occured to others." Only instead of "your radical ideas" it should say "My radical ideas", and it ends on the back with, "But we don't have a collective conscious, that's why we have e2."
  • e2 Truisms t-shirt!
    A bunch of truisms, nodeshells or otherwise, created, nominated, and selected by e2 noders.
People, people... can't we think outside the t-shirt box? Here's some extensions to the upcoming spring's E2 product line: This is just a short selection of our upcoming product line that we'll be more than happy to bring to you just as soon as we clear up some minor distribution issues! Happy noding!

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