POSTSCRIPT: Wow. This has to be one of the most challenging and frustrating things I have done. Even though it was incredibly difficult, I am thinking about doing it again this year, however there will have to be some changes. More info forthcoming.

(It's here!)
E2 Secret Santa 2003

But for now, I have reordered the list alphabetically and split them into received and non-received lists. The people who didn't get squat have the person's name whom they were assigned to next to them. Luckily I still had the database intact, and finally got enough pushes to do it.

Please, please please, if something is incorrect, simply /msg me. I was dealing with 400-500 msgs at a time in my Chatterbox inbox, so it may very well have been I missed something. For those who I did, and for those who didn't get anything, I truly am sorry.


Yes, ladies and gentleman, I have decided to take on the punishment and lead the way for the great E2 Secret Santa 2002 (herewith known as E2SS2k2 apparantly).

Here's how it works. If you are interested in doing this, please /msg me saying so and including your mailing address. I still need your mailing address /msg'd to me even if you participated last year and even if it is in EMAR. This is because I expect quite a few people to be interested in this and I don't have the time to search EMAR for everyone. On December 1st I will randomly draw names and post the person's name at You then make or buy that person a present, and send it to them. Because we are a global community, this may mean having to send something overseas. If this presents a hardship, please /msg me and let me know.

Note: Don't be an ass. Last year we had several cases where people signed up and received presents, but didn't bother to send them, leaving their person without any presents. I will hunt you down, stuff you into a box, and ship you to your momma if you choose to be one of those people. If something comes up and you can not participate after I have issued a name, please just simply /msg me and let me know.


Also, it would be great to have a few backup people in case something like the above case happens. If you are interested in being a backup, please let me know that as well.

With your help and participation, this can be a fun and neat event. There were a LOT of really cool presents last year, and I really enjoyed it. Let's make it cool for all.

Tips for being a Secret Santa:

  • Be Original. Check out last year's gifts for ideas
  • Find out what your person likes. This works best if everyone puts a wish list on their home node to give an idea of what they like, or their interests.
  • Ship early. This is not a Christmas-specific event (even though the title says Santa), but will be affected by the holiday rush.
  • Keep me informed. Let me know when you send your partner's gift, and let me know when you receive your gift. PLEASE BE SURE TO SEND YOUR GIFT BY 12/14 OR /MSG ME WHEN YOU WILL BE SHIPPING IT. This will allow us time to contact backups and send out replacement presents. If I have not heard from you by 12/14 that you have shipped, or are going to be shipping, your present, I will assume that you are not interested in sending a gift.
    If you would like to be part of the posse that hunts down the people who don't send presents, please let me know.
  • Don't be an ass. See above. (Summary: SEND A GIFT!!)

Late Breaking Notes:

  • If you need your chosen one to be in the same country, please include that in your msg to me.
  • If you have any special requirements, please include those in the msg.
  • PLEASE SEND YOUR ADDRESS IN THE /MSG EVEN IF YOU ARE IN EMAR. This is because I am lazy. Thank you.
  • Please also let me know if there is a noder you should *not* get - for example if you have a restraining order against a noder or they are your significant other.
  • I hereby declare that whomever receives this random, dull gift shall forever be blessed.
  • To anyone that has this please /msg me. I got your person picked out for you.
  • If You are on the list below please go to and verify your mailing address. You will also be able to retrieve your chosen one there when it is available.
  • The spending limit is up to you. There is no set anything. You can do just about anything you want from bake cookies to sending a pony. Be sure to check out last year's gifts.

Signups and gifts received:
Last Updated: August 7th, 2003
Dates next to names indicate when the present was sent by your SS. If you haven't received it by now then I doubt it is going to come.

These people didn't get jack:

  1. ^Davion^ (12/16) (TheLady)
  2. birdlace (12/17) (wick)
  3. CapSkippy (12/17) (Conform)
  4. dann ()
  5. darl (12/16) (karma debt/evilrooster)
  6. Demeter (^Davion^)
  7. Desterado (12/14) (Ereneta)
  8. discofever (12/4) (No Springs)
  9. dustfromamoth (1/2) (Saige)
  10. elem_125 (12/30) (Becca)
  11. etoile (GavinDot)
  12. GavinDot (12/17) (grundoon)
  13. grundoon (12/15) (Demeter/discofever)
  14. Kalon ()
  15. karma debt (12/16) (teos)
  16. KillerPenguin (12/14) (Orpheum)
  17. lillianvalencia (12/13) (Metacognizant)
  18. mirv (12/17) (Mitchevious)
  19. Mitchevious (mirv)
  20. No Springs (12/17) (Demeter/discofever)
  21. Proquar ()
  22. Pseudo_Intellectual (vilk)
  23. Saige (12/14) (Martian_Bob)
  24. sekicho (12/8) (darl)
  25. simonc ()
  26. Spuunbenda (kiladogg)
  27. Strong_Bow79 (12/14) (Jurph)
  28. Templeton ()
  29. TheLady (12/28) ()
  30. trainman (12/17) (Strong_Bow79)
Received List:
  1. 00100 - I got a Zen sand gardening kit and a cd of DJ work from Bacon the Rambler.
  2. anemotis - Focus is the BEST santa ever. She sent me: 52 ways to nurture my creativity (deck of cards), 2 very awesome cds, a card, a citrus zester and a cookbook. THANK YOU SANTA!!
  3. Anml4ixoye - I got the bestest present - a group of noders came to my house for Nothing says softcore like Florida in January: A surrealistic Florida adventure! Thanks to everyone who showed up!
  4. AnotherMartini - Part A of my bipartite E2SS gift arrived today from the wonderful SEF. It is a cookbook entitled "Mexican Feasts" and harnesses my undying love of all edible things south of the border.
  5. anotherone - I went to mail my present, and when I got back there was a box for me from JohnnyGoodyear. In it were two books: The Ginger Man and The History Of The Ginger Man, and a few random objects from around his coffee table. Keen!
  6. arcanamundi - My Secret Santa was VT_hawkeye, who sent me a huge magnetic poetry calendar with cool writer quotes innit, AND a 2-CD set of eddie from ohio!!! My sekrit santa is l33t!
  7. asterphage - Roninspoon sent me a light-up pyramid keychain from a casino, a Stikfas action figure, and a beautiful little gridded Moleskine notebook, which is EXACTLY what I'll need on vacation overseas next week! I am amazed!
  8. atesh - I got a bundle of DOOM! from radlab0 full of random stuff, wheee!
  9. avjewe - My gift arrived today from LitBolt. It contained 5 sub-presents which were: a Windows game, a small sculpture he made himself, the books Good Omens and ShadowRun Quick Start, and the best part : a Sigmund Freud Action Figure.
  10. Bacon the Rambler - Re: E2SS: I got a inflatable kangeroo from AnotherMartini. It lost a kickboxing fight and we had to break out the duct tape, but all is still splendid!
  11. banjax - novasoy sent me two books of poetry (a compilation and the Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam) and a Garbage CD and made an otherwise grey and gloomy day shiny and bright... :o)
  12. Becca - I received Culture Jam: How to Reverse America's Suicidal Consumer Binge-And Why We Must from my unnamed E2SS! I love the irony of receiving a book about how commercial everything is from a santa!! Love the irony! Who do I thank?
  13. bindlenix - I got it! banjax sent me one cool mix cd, and a very British (I have been told) book called "Ethel & Ernest". Awesome.
  14. blandoon - LaggedyAnne sent me a box full of more games, puzzles and bits of fun than I can list - all wrapped with great care and humor, and sure to be the source of fun for quite some time.
  15. BuffcorePhil - My Secret Santa, Saint sent me a brilliant mix-CD of soulfull grooves and an exract from When Did You Last See Your Father by Blake Morrison. Yay for Christmas! :)
  16. bus ridin' fool - hey i just got my santa package from anotherone. i guess my landlady hadn't stolen it like i thought. he sent me a lovely copy of the hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy "maybe not the best book he's ever read, but the most entertaining", and a lovely little multitool that i would have liked to use to open the multitool package. i don't know if that counts as irony or not.
  17. Catchpole - got my pressie from jacob8er - a trio of cd's from the band Clutch.
  18. cbustapeck - Wow. Check out the cool loot I got from my (as yet unknown) secret santa! Two Ian Fleming James Bond books, The War of Don Emmanuel's Nether Parts, by de Berneres, The Wasp Factory, two tapes of the BBC comedy The Navy Lark , some photographs of the UK, two postcards of the same, a beautiful sunrise over the Negev, and a SAS survival guide. Wow.
  19. Cephalopunk - I got an O'Reilly book, Java Message Service and a dead-tree version of Webster 1915 from an Anonymous Coward in B.C.
  20. cethiesus - I've recieved my package from Segnbora-t! It contained a multitude of kick-/ass/ books, stickers, pictures, neat things to play with, and a LETTER!@! She is the friggin' QUEEN of Secret Santas
  21. chevette - my gift came today from qousqous. qous rocks my socks off, he sent me two mixed cds, two kinder surprise chocolate eggs, a postcard and *gasp* a silver dollar!!!! and a really great book
  22. chinakow - I recieved my ss present, its a mouse pad with the Love hina characters on it, WOOO! whoever sent it, please message me so I can give credit
  23. Chris-O - I HAVE OBTAINED SEKRIT SANTANESS! an unnamed Australian noder sent me a copy of Bill Granger's Sydney Food; increasing my number of cookbooks by one to "lots". this noder rules a lot. patient detective work revealed unto me that 'twas Freaek who done sent it. HOORAY!
  24. Cimorene - I finally got my gift from my Secret Santa knile. It included some lovely cookies, a pin, CRANK! (a science fiction/fantasy magazine), and a nifty pez dispenser with a whistle on the top. Yay!
  25. ClockworkGrue - Splunge sent me Hello Kitty Candy! An' a CD Holder! An' a Steampunk graphic novel! An' Pocky! An' More Candy! Yay!
  26. Conform - I have recived my gift but it bears strict instructions not to open until the 25th.
  27. Conventional oven - I have also RECEIVED my present from my E2ss2k Mr. Frog (aka Ryan Hoover) - I got two CDs of "The Clarks" and a lovely letter
  28. CrAzE - I have recived my gift. It has been at my house a couple days and somehow I never noticed it! It is a 4 CD mix spanning 50 states! Neat! oh yes, and it was sent by trainman... that might be important to note.
  29. Delta-Sys - oenone just proved once and for all, sh'e super cool. I got: SOme Hot cocoa with an INSANE amount of marshmellows, "santas coal" bubble gum, a rockin pez dispencer, FORTUNE COOKIES!, gravy (I asked for loacl food), and some incense which I have to hide from the dorm nazis.
  30. disillusioned - Hey there- just a heads up that I received my gift, a really cool keychain that I wanted from kaytay
  31. doopokko - Wow! I just recieved two sets of beautiful stamps from Denmark for my collection. Thanks liveforever!
  32. dTaylorSingletary - My secret santa's gift came! getzburg sent me two giraffe figurines! One in prone position, sipping water, about to get devoured by fierce lions that will go for its jugular!
  33. Ereneta - I have received Australia-China : a photographic record to commemorate the 30th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between Australia and the People's Republic of China, 1972-2002 -- and John Howard has never looked so fine. Thanks Simonc!
  34. Focus - Becca has sent me the Henry James' novel I have been wanting forever. Merry Christmas!!
  35. Frankie - its not fair, i get the bestest secret santa each year. Spackle sent me a whole herd of PONIES!! and, as if that wasn't enough, also the INXS 1979-1997 tribute-to-Michael double CD that I hinted like hell for in my writeup.
  36. Freaek - contains peectures of my gift I recieved!
  37. fuzzie - Whoo, I got my gift; a great mug for drinking coffee from during those long noding/coding hours - from BuffcorePhil.
  38. getzburg - I have received my gift, a mad sweet Eva-00 figurine from chinakow. Woohoo!
  39. Girlfriend - I just wanted to say that I just got my secret santa pressie from Bus Ridin Fool... Its the BEST EVER!!! I got choccies, incense, rocks from a nudie beach, a maple leaf, a book, a student newsletter, a treasure box (with treasure!) and a letter puzzle...The Coolest!!!
  40. GoodKingNerdnor - I recieved a copy of the TIME 2003 Almanac for Kids from MrSmith
  41. gwenllian - Walter, who ROCKS like an unbalanced washer load, has sent me a super-long dinosaur poster from the Museum of Natural History, and he got yossarian, Gritchka (who according to him is Chihuahua Grub - ?), QXZ, Chiisuta, thefez, Imprecation, Phyllis Stein, Beigs, and cahla to sign it. He also gave me a little black stone elephant, a book about the history of writing (ROCK!) some Kool-Aid, some Pokemon cards and some corn candy. YAY!!!
  42. hectorthebat - Hi, I have revieved from nine9 some cheese and biscuits, chocolate and HMV vouchers. Thanks and hope everyone has a merry christmas
  43. hodgepodge - the united states postal service, acting as agents of santa, today delivered a weighty tome entitled Life: A User's Manual, by the incomparable Georges Perec.
  44. ideath - OH MY! IT HAS ARRIVED! girlfriend really outdid it all with my namesake book wrapt in a tsziar-ridden handmade most wonderful cool mongolian herdsman's bag. All the way from Australia, even!
  45. imprecation - (Got something from Trina)
  46. jacob8er - I got the X-Men DVD and a copy of the Dropkick Murphy's: Do or die CD
  47. JodieK - Santa in the guise of CapSkippy brought me a beautiful cd of a classical quartet playing Radiohead (just how cool is that?), and some very delicious and naughty sounding chocolates which I promptly devoured in true Christmas spirit.
  48. JohnnyGoodyear - I wanted to let CrAzE off the hook by announcing that I received a very Penguiny thing rom him today for my Secret (Summer) Santa.
  49. Jurph - Hey!!! I just got my E2 Secret Santa package, and cheated (opening the DO NOT OPEN envelope inside) because I absolutely HAD to know who sent me my MAZ! I also got a mix CD and a Star Force minifig. w00t! asterphage rocked my Xmas.
  50. kaytay - I couldn't believe it! my secret santa was dann, who was so thoughtful -- he sent me a copy of Atlas Shrugged that is in much better condition than the copy I toted around between beaches these past few weeks, two kinds of tea (jasmine and green), Korn's Untouchables, Tori's Scarlet's Walk, several mini men with garden tools, two lizards, cookie things, and Star Wars lego men.
  51. kiladogg - i got a cool book and a cd from atesh
  52. knile - Received my e2ss pkg today from a Colorado noder: grey notebook, AOL CD, COOL MULTI-PURPOSE TOOL!:), and _1000 Ghastly Ghost Stories_(a book)
  53. l00dD00d - My secret santa, renderer sent me books, a ceramic bust of some dude, a sea shell that I think got broken in the mail, and another trinket which I can't really describe...he rocks!
  54. LadySun - So I finally got my E2SS present! YAY! I went to the Compound the other night and met Frankie and SHE gave ME a stunning box filled with pretty-smelling lotion and perfume and body stuff. AND I got a HUG from my X-TRA SPECIAL sekrit sannuh FRANKIE! Cry that you are not so lucky. :)
  55. LaggedyAnne - okay okay so hectorthebat sent me neato UK slippers and a African travel book! I feel so worldly! He will be blessed by many ninjas to come.
  56. Lara68 - Lost and Found sent me a copy of The Art of Looking Sideways and some very cool photographs! I am floored, and not just because it's a very heavy book!
  57. liontamer - kay, i got my present from lara68. it was a box full of goodies. mostly stickers, tea, a dead duck and some candy. rocked my world.
  58. LitBolt - Just came in this morning. The wonderful pantaliamon has sent me an excellent T-shirt, a Q-bert bank (Q-bert rocks the house!), Japanese wet-wipes, a refrigerator magnet for a defunct company, a NASA patch (that's totally going on my vest), a book called The Golden Compass which I have not yet read, a very cool kanji-script stamp I do not understand but which makes an excellent sculpting tool and a bag of SHINY ROCKS that I can't put down. Huzzah!
  59. liveforever - Ja, ja, jaaaa! I just received my present from toalight - and it was great: The book "Pappa For Første Gang" (First-Time Daddy) by Finn Bjelke, a Norwegian "owner's manual" to having kids. Much fun!
  60. Lometa - I have the best Secret Santa of 2002! My Christmas wish was for "Making Cocoa for Kingsly Amis" by Wendy Cope *smiles* Many thanks avjewe for making my Holiday merry and bright!
  61. Lost and Found (Received)
  62. Martian_Bob - In his infinite coolness, Jet-Poop has sent me Fahrenheit 451, And Then There Were None, and A Brief History of Time!
  63. Master Villain - Hey man, I got something for last years secret santa. It arrived sometime in May at my parents place, I got it shipped down to my new place when I was in a more stable living environment. Manifest for posting: Many things were in the box but most awesome is the coins and small notes which fit nicely into my collection of money from heathen lands!
  64. mblase - a Christmas ornament made by a Native American girl who is a young artist and member of the Tohono O'odam Nation and a small jar of cactus jelly.
  65. Metacognizant - Present from Master Villan (Note: Meta sent a homoerotic ww2 propoganda lunchbox, inside of which was a postcard, an issue of an ithaca far leftist newspaper, a red scarf, and a red candle shaped like a devil to a non-sender)
  66. Miles_Dirac - Wuukiee sent me a Robin McKinley novel, a nifty keychain, and a dragon figurine. Sweet!
  67. Mitzi - anemotis, my secret santa, sent me THE! BEST! GIFT! EVER!, which I will soon detail on my homenode! you rock
  68. momomom - Etoile was my Secret Santa. The gift was delivered Ring-The-Doorbell-And Run style. I've known Etoile ever since she was a little girl. Which means the hand crocheted hat, yummy cookies, fun oval shaped playing cards and a plan to go kayaking when it warms up here were super meaningful to me.
  69. Mr. Frog - I got all kinds of cool gifts from my Secret Santa, including a little frog. It's terrific.
  70. MrSmith - Holy.... Cephalopunk sent me two much-needed D&D rulebooks - the Psionics Handbook and Manual of the Planes! I SO owe him a beer or three!
  71. nevermind_me - Just received my gift from Conventional Oven - a fantastic book of horrendous hairstyles, and inflatable hulk, a groovy pcture and an ace mix CD. Thankee most kindly!
  72. nine9 - urgle-wurgle! (makes strange gooey noises) ...Powers sent me a lovely postcard from Nyu Yowk, and a "Rough Guide to Scandinavian CD". w00t!!!!
  73. novasoy - Zophos hooked me up with all kinds of cute toys, some soup kits, and a baby skin care kit from burt's bees. Full list on my homenode. SWEET!
  74. O Boy - shooter.....I got my gift in january but forgot to tell you....I feel like an ass...anyway, templeton sent me a book and cd and it was great
  75. Oeq1st1 - I received a nice ohio state shot glass and a cool book The NEW World of Mr Tompkins from Miles_Dirac - a perfect gift for me.
  76. Oenone - ...there were a couple of books, some niceties and a stuffed monkey with the very most shiny eyes ever...
  77. Orpheum - Yay!! :-) My Secret Santa has shimmied into the mailbox, and left a package for me. And let me tell you...cbustapeck hand makes the most incredible leather bound notebooks , and his artwork is supurb!
  78. Ouroboros - gifts received from TheAlien! a tshirt and hat from St Mary's College Halifax, a box of Neilson's macaroons and a Lidnt chocolate bar. huzzah!
  79. Pantaliamon - My E2 Secret Santa remains secret because his/her gift came without his or her name on it! Who are you? I got the wonderful Aimee Mann cd Bachelor No. 2 which I listened to all last night. Thank you!
  80. pjd - Shimmer is a star, I have already put my handy hand thing to good use and will probably wear it out before the new year! :-)
  81. Powers - Huzzah! Upon returning from being away for the holiday, I found a package from doopokko awaiting me at the post office. Included within, amongst the packing peanuts: a lovely greeting card, a copy of the Star Trek novel The Eugenics Wars (volume one), a box of Enterprise-D blueprints, and a neato Star Trek mousepad. Thanks, doopokko!
  82. qousqous - zrrkt! I gets a book, quite ugly one morning, by a certain Christopher Bookmyre, a chocolate Santa lolly, and a bookmark, from the esteemed wonderful generous JodieK, who hails from the far-off land of London. Whee! (AND) my neighbor ideath hand-delivered to me a book, communitas, and a set of fantastic hand-made picture and word cards, as one might mundanely describe them. i'm so lucky.
  83. radlab0 - okay. I got monkeys (in hand puppet format), soy, two species of ninjas, and CHOCOLATE(!) from gwenllian in Kansas, even though we live about an hour away from each other in Tennessee!
  84. RalphyK - Yay! I got a dreamcatcher, some zen grass to grow in a pot, and a mini slinky - but I don't know who sent it, so I can't thank them :(
  85. renderer - arcanamundi sent me an illustrated history of heaven, hell, and also STARMAN JONES, and as such is almost certainly more rockin' than starman jones himself.
  86. Roninspoon - I have this evening recieved a package from my SS. It includes A-team puffy stickers that I will treasure, a small card, and a cd of arranged music cleverly (almost too cleverly) disguised in the abandoned husk of a 5 1/4 floppy. Disk#4 of Lotus Smart Pics to be exact. Additionaly, my SS has vexed me by not including their name, but I imagine such is life. Update: My Secret Santa has revealed himself as dTaylorSingletary . Now I can diminish and sail into the west.
  87. saint - blandoon sent me a fabulous stoner rock cd, which I highly recommend, and a book of entertaining ways to keep from dying during e2 load-up time. hooray for blandoon! hooray for christmas! hooray! hooray!
  88. SEF - I SCORED with a very cool music mix and a tiny chest of drawers filled with candy and poetry from KillerPenguin!
  89. Segnbora-t - I got a copy of J.G. Ballard's story collection "Vermilion Sands" from the good taste of Catchpole
  90. shimmer - Wow! Secret Santa present received. A doggy torch and an amazing origami spider makes from American paper money. Cool! thanks Delta-Sys :o) I love homemade stuff.
  91. sighmoan - LadySun was an excellent sport about my request that Santa make some educated guesses about what we might have in common. She came up with two fascinating books on word and phrase origins (which I've noded in the past and will again), a farm activity kit to honor both her farm background and my love of toys, a spun-glass snowflake which will bring my Christmas tree to life, and a book of Hello Kitty stickers because everyone knows that HK is my compass, my guide in life -- and I think LadySun enjoyed the chance to indulge in a little Xmas silliness. Well done, noble noder!
  92. Siobhan - wheeeeeeee! I finally figured out who my E2 secret santa is! pjd sent me the bestest book in the whole wild world And the rain my drink by Han Suyin. *dances a happy dance* :)
  93. siouxsie - I recieved my E2SS gift whilst away from home! It is *wonderful*! sighmoan was my SS, and sent me a box of SPARKLY glitter, a box of heart, diamond, and assorted shaped studs to put on clothing, a hard bound copy of "A Guide to Peptic Ulcer Disease and Gastoresophageal Reflux Disease" (which was obviously stolen from a doc's office, the book "The Marriage of Cadmus and Harmony", Tony Millionaire's Sock Monkey presents "The Glass Doorknob", a hand made bookmark, clearly marked "BOOKMARK" (in case I forget), a mix CD called "Bad Snowman! No Candycane!" which is about to become my all-time favoritest Christmas mix EVER (good JOB!), and a *wonderful* T-shirt by an "outsider" artist named John Patrick McKenzie, along with a printed story of the artist and his work. I would have to say that this is probably the BEST GIFT BOX EVER! Oh--I forgot to mention, all of the gifts were "wrapped" in various and sundry SANRIO bags. I was half afraid I had gotten the scary Hello Kitty Vibrator. (grin) Thanks, sighmoan , YOU ROCK!
  94. Sondheim - I got my gift!! YEAH! A book of Schumann Leider! Its absolutely wonderful! Thank you So much!
  95. Spackle - my way freakin' cool Secret Santa sent me some mechanical drawings of VA, a picture of the space shuttle, in space no less, and a mixed cd of rockin' tunes.
  96. splunge - I received my gifts from 00100 on the 30th or so. I got some spiffy books (Snow Crash, Norwegian Wood, The Rest of the Robots and The Mayor of Casterbridge) as well as some spiffy CDs! No soy or lesbian monkeys though, alas. :)
  97. Stavr0 - from Birdlace: A VCD of Howie Day + bonus CD tracks, Harry Potter lego (vibrating broomstick not included) and some holiday which,sadly, did not survive the trip (all crumbled).
  98. sui - secret santa alert! - /me got all secret santa all the way from Sunny Japan! included LOTS of lollies, a paper lantern, and a couple of other objects that liontamer _will_ explain to me! ;)
  99. TenMinJoe - I got a book on grammar so I can practise my pedantry from my (still secret) santa with the promise of more to come - (UPDATE) - momomom sent me a lovely long letter and a lolly and an Angry Turtle Pez dispenser and a LOAD of cool stuff from the NSA museum and some lavendar and a badge about breasts and some frighteningly orange string
  100. teos - My SS package has finally arrived from the US of A! I received three brilliant photography books from No Springs. The first is a spectacular 1200 page, year-by-year pictorial history of the last 100 years titled "Century" from Phaidon; the second a book on the Invention of Photography; and the third a stunning book on camera craft and technique focusing (pun intended) on Landscapes. I also received some M&M's and some other quaint American chocolates. Thanks again to No Springs for the great present.
  101. The Alchemist - my E2SS arrived! (it had to go via london, and my mum). thanks. they rate just below sugar frosted chocolate bombs for sweetness. delicious. :)
  102. TheAlien - I recieved the gift the 6th (sorry for the delay). A Garden Gnome (with a very interesting story attached to it), and two packets of Tim Tam's came from a mysterious person from Australia....
  103. toalight - I got two great books (just as I wanted) from Clockwork Grue! "Robot Dreams" by Isaac Asimov and "Microserfs" by Douglas Coupland.This really made my day! Thank you thank you thank you! Thank you.
  104. Trina - I just recieved some orange and ginger scented massage oil from a noder in Florida who signs his or her name in Japanese! (Update) I worked out who my Secret Santa is - and I've thanked said noder with my homenode pic.
  105. vilk - Sondheim sent me a HAND MADE SCARF. It's warm and will soon be worn out in this arctic winter.
  106. VT_hawkeye - oeq1st1 sent me a cool Intel Itanium shirt, definitely entitling me to Alpha Geek status around my office (for a week or so, at least).
  107. Walter - Chris-O sent me The Phantom Tollbooth , Good Omens and The BFG , all books I love but did not own. Plus a plastic Tigerleg Monkey Frog and an insanely in-joke packed address label designed in my very own EKW theme! I bet no one else got that! SUCKERS! Oh yeah plus a tektite and a bookmark yo.
  108. Wick - received a 12 month (4 issues) subscription to a sci-fi magazine from australia from Proquar.
  109. Wntrmute - Patience brings great rewards- my return to university led to my discovery of secret santa hodgepodge's incredible truffles! Perfect considering I had no food...
  110. Wuukiee - my package was waiting for me when i got home! a LOVELY assortment of Lindt chocolates (and a cute crossword) from Siobhan
  111. zaph - I just got a package hand-delivered from Charleston, In it was a fancy candle with candleholder and glass marbles. I also got a cool brushed metal coffee mug! Thanks to my SS, Ashley!
  112. zgirll - I recieved a box of wonderful dried fruit. It was signed from Imprecation
  113. zophos - Alrighty... My secret sandy gift came today from dear, dear disillusioned . He heeded my plea for space pirates and sent me an action figure from Treasure Planet as well as a hypnotic nightlight-type-thing which changes colors. He also sent a mix-cd which I haven't had time to peruse as well as an in-depth description of himself and his room which entertained me mightily whilst sitting in the laundromat today. So hats off to my SS!

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