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Alright, so I STILL haven't learned my lesson (either that or I'm just a glutton for punishment...)



(Blatantly recycled) Rules

  • Sign-ups will be open from September 11, 2006 through October 31, 2006.Sign-up is now closed, sorry... try again next year. Everyone will be assigned on November 3, 2006.
  • You must send out your gift by December 5, 2006 (and tell me about it) or else a backup will be assigned and you will be added to the non-senders list.
  • There is no limit on spending. We have had some really neat items sent in the past. Homemade stuff is by far the coolest.
  • Nobody got the super sekrit good luck bearing gift last year, so it's back out on the block.
  • The usergroup created for us is E2SS2K6. Please don't abuse it - I know my inbox can't handle too much more traffic. I'll use it for announcements (deadlines etc.), and if you have questions you think everyone might be wondering about by all means do use it.

Regarding Non-sending

If you have signed up, and you find you can't fulfill your obligation to send a gift to your noder, be it for financial reasons, health problems, time constraints, or whatever other reasons there might be, it's ok. I understand - things happen. Please, all I ask is that you let me know as soon as possible - I will be asking for volunteers to be backups - so I can get your noder reassigned and gifted preferably before Christmas.

I intend for there to be NO disappointments this year, even if it means I send the stuff myself (I'm STILL working on last year's non-receivers) (please don't make me do this as Apatrix and I have just found out we're pregnant, and we'll be broke starting presumably in April ;P ). I won't be pissed unless you just don't do anything without notifying me. If you drop the ball like that, you will not be allowed to participate next year. I know that many people I hold dear here at E2 are reluctant to join in this year because of previous bad experiences, and I don't want that to continue. I want us to be able to have faith in one another, and depend on each other to fulfill our obligations.< /end rant/lecture/sermon/whatever>

Regarding Non-receiving

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE make sure you have the correct address; one you or someone else will be at during all or most of December; one where if you aren't there, your present will not sit exposed to the elements; and one where if you aren't there it won't wander into 'lost and found', never to be seen again. I have no reason to doubt that most of last year's Secret Santas did in fact send presents. Some probably went into postal limbo, but some undoubtedly went astray at the recipient's end, as several people were not at the address given for weeks. If you're going to be at your parents' house for Christmas/Kwanzaa/Yule/Hanukkah/Festivus/insert winter holiday of choice, you might want to give their address (and request plain brown paper packaging ;P ). Help your Secret Santa out.

How to sign up

  • Read the rules above, and know that you can abide by them. Love the rules.
  • Be sure that you can send out a gift by December 5th, 2006.
  • Copy and paste the form below into your favorite email client. Fill in the blanks. Send it off to martinagthompson@yahoo.com, with E2SS2K6 in the title (so's I don't delete it as Spam... People, if I don't know the name and it doesn't have E2SS2K6 in the subject line, it's going in the trash. Sorry. Too many viruses and too much Spam out there.). If, however, you would prefer not to email, please /msg me with the below info.

Official E2SS2K6 Sign-Up Form

Send to martinagthompson@yahoo.com

E2 Username:

Name you want packages shipped to:

Email Address you can be reached at:

Address to ship packages to:
(Even if it is in EMAR put it here)

Special shipping instructions:

Willing to be a backup?

Things you would like to receive?

Any other notes:

Anyone you don't want to be assigned?
(reasons include, but are not limited to: being your SO, someone you despise, someone you had a one-night stand with, someone you previously gifted in a sekrit santa, or any other reason. But don't tell why. This will be kept strictly confidential, of course.)

Other Info

  • Let's make this fun. I really don't want to have to ask the Ninjagirls to help us out again this year.I AM a Ninjagirl, and will send the Sooper Sekrit Monkey Death Squad to non-mailers. Mmkay, thanks!
  • It might help to place any additional information about you on your homenode. When I assign out people I will send the information you put on the form, but by putting more information they can actually learn a bit about the person they are sending this to.

Questions? Feel free to /msg me. Thanks!


to clear up some confusion, I place a (SENT!) after the RECIPIENT's name when you tell me you've sent your present, then replace it with the /msg telling me what it was when it arrives. Don't Panic. (SENT!) does NOT go after the sender's name.

  • gwenllian says YAY!!! siobhan sent me a cool German kids' book, Die fliegende Katze (illustrated by a friend of her mom's, no less), and an adorable pair of knitted blue and white baby booties! /me hugs siobhan
  • Erika says thankyouthankyou! I got a box of awesome stuff, including a suncatcher , candy, and a stuffed echidna that sleeps in my bed :)
  • Andromache01 says Secret Santa gift received. Someone from the UK sent me a very sweet knit octopus.
  • spiregrain (RECEIVED!)
  • LaggedyAnne (RECEIVED)
  • princess loulou says dear sekrit santa, thank you very much for my pressies. i am looking forward to reading both books, especially round ireland with a fridge as it's been on my 'to read' list for some time. and i'll post pics of my superbly stripy socks soon!
  • pjd says Yay! Timeshredder sent me an AWSOME Canadian DVD. Oh, and an action figure. I am very chuffed!
  • sirspens (SENT!)
  • kthejoker (SENT!)
  • The Debutante says This morning I collected my parcel from the sorting office. I am now the proud possessor of four beautiful napkin rings, and four fine linen napkins. Gorgeous.
  • Evil Catullus says I received a lovely set of spices from exceptinsects.
  • squeezie says i received some awesome goodies from my SS including a book of post-it note suggestions, delicious cookies, wasabi peas and a HUGE stack of postcards. Happy holidays everyone!
  • Swap says Holly carp! It looks like I did indeed get my present already. Guess who it was from! Hint: you probably have received holiday postcards from her, or you know a noder who has. I got a mysterious book that is reportedly neither a novel or a mathematics book but which I'm very eager to read, a handmade seasonal decoration, and a newsletter with the following wisdoms by Horace: "Mingle a little folly with your wisdom; a little nonsense now and then is pleasant."
  • Angela
  • sloebertje says Woohoo! My secret santa sent me the greatest package. I got a book about cooking, and maple syrup, and a STOCKING!!! (never had one of those before) with chocolate and a Darwin's award mini-book and mysterious chinese magnets and a magnetic kitten and a candy cane and I think I've forgotten some stuff. Thank you Santa!
  • Dimview (SENT!)
  • edebroux (SENT!)
  • Glowing Fish (SENT!)
  • TheLady says The prize for the best-wrapped parcel goes to edebroux, who got me lots of presents! A ninjagirls calendar, a compilation CD, a real honest to goodness pompom and a life supply of stickers - and all from Utah! I'm so excited!
  • scribe says I opened my door to see if the mail ever came, and there was a package on my door step! I thought I might resist opening it since it is so close to Christmas, alas my curiousity wouldn't allow it. Full of goodies and photos that will soon find themselves matted and framed. Thank you!
  • BlackPawn (SENT!)
  • Focus says I received a beautiful hand-made whistle complete with hand drawn fingering diagrams...Excellent present and very impressive! Rounded out with lots of chocolate. SS, you're the best but you didn't leave a clue to who you are?? Thank you, thank you, thank you!
  • heppigirl says I got me a package yesterday with some lovely gloves made from possum fibres (possum? How COOL is that!!) and a CD of the best of the E2 podcasts, which rocks as we're ipod challenged here *bounce* . Thank you Heisey!!
  • karmadebt and ccunning (SENT!)
  • Heisenberg says I got a cool USB Microphone from my secret santa. Now the podcasts will sound even better! Thank you thank you!
  • kohlcass says I've giggled my way back home from the post office and opened a box which contained a german phrasebook, death by chocolate... and music that will see me leaping from lily to lily. AAH! More?! How?! Lots a goodies... best part = amazing prints by StrawberryFrog and wifey!
  • Andrew Aguecheek (will be late)
  • Timeshredder says Wow. Some Guy whose username I don't know sent me popcorn, two books I don't already own, some early Hitchcock, three company pens, and a screwdriver set which I just inaugerated. I feel like I won the e2ss2k6 lotttery.
  • Kalon (SENT!)
  • futilelord (RECEIVED!)
  • darl says I just got up to Cheshire, and here is an absolutely delicious cake waiting for me. Thank you so much, man. It is a seriously yummy unit of cake-fectionary. Thank you. And it is really nice to have a secret santa I've met, too.
  • Tato says I got a fantastic present from my Secret Santa, including some lovely handmade paper and a hand-knitted Cthulu doll (Everyone in my office is jealous as hell).
  • kozmund says Sweet Zombie Jesus! My Secret Santa sent me a package of Zombie loving, including *the* classic Zombie movie and an RPG based on the movie! Awsome!
  • moosemanmoo says Rah! I got an awesome book of Edward Gorey postcards and possibly a classic Mac to come from Glowing Fish!
  • Omega Hunter (will be late)
  • Domin (SENT!)
  • Oakling says i never gave my santa proper credit and i don't know who it is, but i want to belatedly cheer for my awesome snakes on a plane necklace! you guys would not believe this thing! it even looks like a snake to me in its colors and it has a snake and a plane charm.
  • Nora (RECEIVED) "very wonderful"
  • scarletblood says Dear Santa, I got my Ninjagirls T-shirt! Thank you so much!! :D
  • Rancid_Pickle says I was on the Cafepress site, getting ready to order a Ninjagirls calendar, when my mystery secret santa had one appear literally a minute before I would have click the buy button. How did they know? Thanks, mysterious one!
  • Gaius (SENT!)
  • La petite mort (SENT!)
  • No Springs (SENT!)
  • TenMinJoe says I *think* I received my gift - a book - but it came with no note.
  • Junkill (will be late)
  • Hyphenated
  • siobhan
  • mriparian (SENT!)
  • exceptinsects says My secret santa sent me some maneki neko dishes and a lacquer box and stuff! Thanks, Santa!
  • Mustard n Custard says I recieved my extravagantally wrapped gift yesterday. A lovely selection of china- two mugs and a cup and saucer set. Thanks much to my mysterious Melbournian gifter!
  • themanwho says Focus, my wonderful secret santa sent me Tolkien related books, the ninjagirls calendar, some "cologne" and bunches of other stuff. reminds me of my christmas stocking when I was a kid! Wait a sec, I forgot to mention the sekrit encoded letter!
  • kerawall says LaggedyAnne sent me a fantabulous book about lady geeks and two equally charming mix CDs! Thank you! ^_^
  • Wiccanpiper says My e2ss2k6 gift arrived today, a wonderful set of art photos from someone in Ann Arbor. I don't suppose you'd tell me who ... they're so great, the person deserves a big thank-you! :)
  • cbustapeck (SENT!)
  • ereneta says Received! Great comix, zines, and homemade gingersnap cookies!
  • RPGeek says I received a parcel from kohlcass a few days ago, with a drawing from one of my favourite RPGs, a CD of Maltese music, and a marzipan monster.
  • per ou (RECEIVED)
  • djkillerlamb (SENT!)
  • Segnbora-t says I got home from my grandfather's to find that Evil Catullus had sent me 2 lovely books
  • chaotic_poet says *Squee!* I just got a package full of shiny things of love and adorableness from the far away land of Australia. Bexxta even dotted the "i" with a heart. I shall go and pet my lizard now and think of mix CDs to send.
  • bexxta says My secret santa sent me all my dreams in a box... a book. vinyl. earings. a mix cd. an album. and chocolate chocolate chocolate!!! Pure love!
  • IWhoSawTheFace says Woo HOO! Virginia, there DOES exist a Sekrit Santa! Dear Santa, I don't know who you are, but would you write me and let me thank you for the lovely home-made E2 letters? Soon as I settle down in a few days i'll take photo and post a pic of your great gift on my HN. Thanks again. I promise promise promise I'll try to be good next year and not eat raw choc chip cookie dough.
  • crewgrrl says Shout out to my Danish Sekrit Santa - thanks a million for the awesome pressies! I have always wanted a moleskine journal!
  • (your name here)

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