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Ok, guys.  I've been browbeaten, armtwisted and blatantly guilted into running





so play nice, children.   I don't want to have to spank anyone (and believe me, it WILL hurt you more than it hurts me).


(Blatantly recycled) Rules

  • Sign-ups will be open from September 7, 2010 through October 31, 2010. Everyone will be assigned on November 8th, 2010.  
  • You must send out your gift by December 1, 2010 (and tell me about it) or else a backup will be assigned and you will be added to the non-senders list. 
  • There is no limit on spending. We have had some really neat items sent in the past. Homemade stuff is by far the coolest.
  • Nobody got the super sekrit good luck bearing gift last year (yet again... *sigh*), so it's back out on the block.
  • The usergroup created for us is E2SS2010. Please don't abuse it - I know my inbox can't handle too much more traffic. I'll use it for announcements (deadlines etc.), and if you have questions you think everyone might be wondering about by all means do use it.
  • When you receive your present, please send me a /msg stating that you received it, and, when you open it, at least a little bit about what you got.  I always think it's so cool to find out what weird and wacky (or awesome) stuff we send each other.

Regarding Non-sending

If you have signed up, and you find you can't fulfill your obligation to send a gift to your noder, be it for financial reasons, health problems, time constraints, or whatever other reasons there might be, it's ok. I understand - things happen. Please, all I ask is that you let me know as soon as possible - I have had a bunch of people volunteer to be backups - so I can get your noder reassigned and gifted preferably before Christmas.

I won't be pissed unless you just don't do anything without notifying me. If you drop the ball like that, you will not be allowed to participate next year. I know that many people I hold dear here at E2 are reluctant to join in this year because of previous bad experiences, and I don't want that to continue. I want us to be able to have faith in one another, and depend on each other to fulfill our obligations.< /end rant/lecture/sermon/whatever>

How to sign up

Official E2SS2K10 Sign-Up Form

Send to martinagthompson@yahoo.com

E2 Username:

Name you want packages shipped to:

Email Address you can be reached at:

Things you would like to receive?

Any other notes:

Address to ship packages to:
(Even if it is in EMAR put it here)

Special shipping instructions:

Willing to be a backup?

Anyone you don't want to be assigned?
(reasons include, but are not limited to: being your SO, someone you despise, someone you had a one-night stand with, someone you previously gifted in a sekrit santa, or any other reason. But don't tell why. This will be kept strictly confidential, of course.)

Other Info

  • Let's make this fun. I really don't want to have to ask the Ninjagirls to help us out again this year.I AM a Ninjagirl, and will send the Sooper Sekrit Monkey Death Squad to non-mailers. Mmkay, thanks!
  • I will be asking my pet god to create a /msg list (E2SS2K10) for all of us. Please don't abuse it. 
  • It might help to place any additional information about you on your homenode. When I assign out people I will send the information you put on the form, but by putting more information they can actually learn a bit about the person they are sending this to.

Questions? Feel free to /msg me. Thanks!


to clear up some confusion, I place a (SENT!) after the RECIPIENT's name when you tell me you've sent your present, then replace it with the /msg telling me what it was when it arrives. Don't Panic.

  • gwenllian says I got the most AWESOME book about cancer, "The Emperor of Maladies" from liz (and have already finished it - that's how cool it is). This will definitely be re-read many times. Thanks!
  • kevi
  • Ian says I got a cool book with magic tricks that came with a fake thumb and scarves and stuff. Awesome!
  • gwenatrix - not sent (but will not be missed).  All is forgiven.  Come home...
  • dimview says I received a fabulous homemade fruitcake from my Secret Santa (and it goes really well with a glass of Ardbeg's Uigeadail). Yum. Thank you, Santa.
  • BIII says I got a big box full of goodies! Thank you Secret Santa!
  • spiregrain says I got the Bill Bryson book about households (which I'd been meaning to read) and the new thing from the author of Pride and Prejudice and Zombies - "Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter" (which is great!)
  • Heisenberg says re E2 Secret Santa 2010: I got a beautiful little card and a brillant collection of Roald Dahl stories. Thank his his noodly appendage for these gifts!
  • lizardinlaw says decadent, delicious and frivolous chocolates AND an efficient whisk or small delicate flail, depending on my mood AND a card, thank you sekrit santer
  • wertperch - SENT!
  • ALittleHawk says I still can't figure out what I got. an envelope with 3 pages of xeroxed chapters from a book about Don Quixote. Chapter 9, 32 and 22. A hand written letter to someone named Michael, with many words unintelligible. And a wrapped package wiht the same chapters retyped and the paper made to look old. After all the build up form the sended in e2mails, I think I'd rather have had a lump of coal. Aerobe says It sounds like it's referencing a certain Borges story... lemme see if I can find it. ALittleHawk says oh yes I had already found it online before i got the package because the person had already told me they were sending something about it. So GOOGLED it. But I don't understand why just a few chapters and then the type written thing which was the same. And the handwritten letter...It just seemed weird and made little sense.
  • NanceMuse - SENT!
  • Aerobe says I was going to wait, but I caved and opened mine yesterday. A post-apocalyptic beach book for my Christmas holidays and a rad CD - you rock, Secret S.!
  • mobeach has not been seen in 1.7 months and will not be allowed to participate next year
  • sloebertje says I couldn't stand looking at an unopened present for three whole weeks, so I decided that my Secret Santa was instead a Secret Sinterklaas and opened it today. I received a wonderful cookbook with recipes from gastropubs, that makes me want to have my next holiday in the UK and visit them all. Also a booklet on Cockney rhyming slang. Thank you, Santa!
  • cpt_ahab says A heartwarming donation was made in my name to help an Albanian family buy a goat.  Jan 19, 2011 - I received two more gifts! Some silhouette bird stickers (similar to the type people put on laptops et al) and a hefty novel - Anathem
  • androjen says Whee! I got a ridiculously awesome box full of yarn, salt licorice, and Kaisers Orchestra from the vasts of Denmark. This really helped brighten a gloomy day. Thanks so much, Santa.
  • kizor says A box of somethings came in the mail today. Among its contents are an Uglydoll(tm), chili chocolate, and cynical, sticky, or edible Christmas decorations. There was also a Flying Spaghetti monster card where the senders apologized for their timing. Thanks!  It has the markings of both the United Stated Postal Service and Canada Post. Huh.
  • RustyLark  says I got the most amazing yummy package from Finland! Felt like a little kid I was so excited. Let me tell you, gummy bears from Europe taste even better. I also got these awesome black suckers which I now love and want more of!! I must find a source! My pal was brilliant and made a reforestation donation in my name too as international posting is so pricey. 
  • OldMiner says —dary! And my prognostications went undisappointed! As specifically requested, I received an "esoteric treatise on the nature of being", Plato's Timaeus. As the dismembered baby leg states (which also came via Santa) "E2 Provides". In addition, there is a wheeled device "For ages 3 and up" for which I will need to acquire some D-cells. Thank you, Santa!
  • oakling says oh are we sharing? mine WAS legendary. I got presents from webster1913 and cool man eddie! the paper had little trees on it like me! and it had an amazingly thoughtful letter in it (a "handwritten C!") written on e2 paper! also, a ton of chocolate!!!! BEST PRESENT EVER
  • GhettoAardvark says Whoa this box is huge! I got a bunch of books including some Gaiman and Asimov, a bunch of ridiculous candy (including a panda bear that poops jelly beans, which made my day) and a box of Pumpkin Spice Jello pudding which I had no idea even existed, and is awesome.
  • Wiccanpiper - SENT!
  • your name here...


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