In the bad old days, if you no longer wished to delight the world with one of your writeups, you had to ask an editor to 'nuke' it, which you did by posting a writeup containing the request here. We now live in a kinder age, and this is no longer necessary.

Removing one of your writeups

If you have the normal settings for your writeup headers and footers, there will be a 'P' for 'published' at the bottom left of your writeup. (It may be followed by an 'H' for 'hidden' if you published it hidden, or an 'I' for 'insured' if an editor found it worthy of special protection.). Clicking on this 'P' will reveal a link with the text 'remove writeup'. Clicking this will produce a box asking if you are sure this is what you want to do, and clicking on 'OK' will turn your writeup back into a draft.

Removing someone else's writeup

In general, the content editors have the thankless task of removing substandard work from the site. Nominating other people's work for the chop is not usually a good way to make friends and influence people. But under some circumstances it may be acceptable. The most common such circumstances are:

  • The writeup has been superseded by a higher quality writeup, and the older one no longer adds anything to the page it is on.
  • The writeup violates copyright.

If you are firmly convinced that someone else's writeup should be removed, either send a message to an editor, or attach a 'draft for review' containing your reasons to this page.

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