It is an old argument, and one that, if resolved, means that one side has one. Will music one day reach a threshold? Will there come a time when no more music can be written? After all, there are only 12 notes and only so many harmonic progressions sound pleasant to the ear. It was prophesised that by the year 2000, there will be no more new music. Hmph. But then again, how often do you hear a song and say - wait a minute, that sounds familiar? Quite a lot, I bet. And quite a bit of new music today is based on samples, samples, samples. Are we nearing that threshold?
What does all this have to do with the title?, you ask. Well, think of a topic of three words or less. Now type it in the search box and press 'Search'. Yup, it's there. Just this morning I saw a node about Kierkegaard. It was new! No one had written about it before! "Wait a minute, I said to myself, "No way!" Of course, there were already nodes about Kierkegaard, only under Soren Kierkegaard.
Oh wait, I just checked, the 'Kierkegaard' node is already empty. I guess the person who wrote it (and couldn't believe his luck), did a fast check, and found out he was, oh, about 9 months too late. That's what it's like when there are already over 600,000 nodes.
So my point is: is E2 reaching a threshold? Are we reaching that point where every time we try to create a new node, a message will pop up, saying:

The node name: Why Stravinsky loved hamsters named Latke is taken. Try another name. Suggestions:
1) Why Stravinsky loved hamsters named Latke 2003
2) Why Stravinsky loved hamsters named Footprints

Well, hopefully, we'll never run out of ideas, or exciting bits of information. If we do, we can always look forward to the newest edition of Windows, so that we'll have a whole new batch of Windows Errors.

If I may be so sweeping: ridiculous. People could no more run out music to play with the twelve-note scale than they could run out of stories to write with the twenty-six letter alphabet. If music sounds like it's reaching a threshold, it's because the mass market for music emphasizes popularity over creativity.

As for E2 running out of nodes: well, there are always new ways to arrange the alphabet.

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