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The E2science joint account

This account is used by the E2science user group to create and maintain nodes indexing Everything2's science writeups. I will also use it to keep people up to date on the goings-on of the group, and so on.

The E2science group exists to provide help and support for people writing science on Everything2, as well as to help co-ordinate projects like the indexing of science which are too big for any one individual. Please /msg Oolong if you are interested in joining. I recommend members, or anyone really, to read these:

  • E2 Science - about the group and why I set it up.
  • E2science - which as well as a list of members houses three writeups at any time which have been marked by E2science members as worthwhile science-related pieces. This is done using the Sciencify! link you get when you join. A list of all sciencified writeups can be found in the news archives.
  • Writing for a wider audience - some sound general advice on factual writing.
  • Maths for the masses - a project collecting mathematics written up for the general reader.
Members should also take a look at the E2science collaboration nodes, and contribute if they see fit:
  • Science Index - aiming to put together an overview-level index of science, by field; should one day exist as an ordinary writeup, with separate writeups for the big fields providing more detailed indexing. Also holds the password for this account.
  • Science to write - a list of the gaps in Everything2's science coverage, reproduced after the list below.

The writeups so far completed using this joint account are as follows:

Suggestions for science writeups




Earth Sciences

Life Sciences, including Biology and Medicine


Social Sciences

Other Science & Technology