A high-way thru Europe (E4 Stands foor Europe 4). May also be applied as a name for other types of roads, to point at their high number of traficants (For example the Boat-E4 in sweden).

Revolutionary engineering curriculum developed at Drexel University in 1988.

The E4 curriculum:

  • Emphasis on the central body of knowledge, methods, and attitudes which form the fabric of the engineering profession and will also to be valid and important in the future
  • Emphasis on the unifying and interdisciplinary aspects of engineering rather than parochial interests of individual disciplines
  • Emphasis on experimental methods in engineering; their use in analysis, design, development, and manufacturing; and the interpretation and effective presentation of experimental results in written and oral forms
  • Emphasis on the computer as: an aid to study; an object of study; a professional tool; an intellectual tool; an instrument for social change; and most important its revolutionizing impact on the very nature and practice of the engineering profession in all disciplines
  • Emphasis on the use of a wide variety of educational methodologies and techniques to improve efficiency and effectiveness.
  • Emphasis on self-paced and directed study to develop skills and attitudes essential for continued professional development after graduation
  • Emphasis on the imperative of continuous and vigorous life-long learning for professional achievement and personal enrichment
  • Emphasis on the development of excellent written and oral communications skills as prerequisites of professional success
  • Emphasis on the ever increasing importance of social awareness and responsibility of the engineer and her/his profession
  • A new entertainment channel from Channel 4 Television Corporation.

    E4 launched on January 18, 2001, E4 in competition to Sky One, and complimenting the existing Channel 4 service. They have secured the rights to the new series of ER and Friends, which was a former Sky One ratings puller.

    Other prime time shows are a mixture of repeats and first showings of programs which will make C4 eventually, such as Ali G, Ally McBeal, Graham Norton, Trigger Happy TV, The Sopranos and Banzai.

    The channel is available on Telewest and ntl cable, ON digital, and Sky Digital, at no extra cost on most channel packages.

    From the launch until May 26, 2001, the station had been on from 1600 - 0400, daily, with the last four hours being repeats of the late evening programming. The rest of the day, the channel just showed a promo loop video. Now, instead of this, the airtime is used to show live, uninterrupted coverage from the Big Brother house. In practice, there's about a 10 minute delay, and they take a commercial break every 20 minutes, but it's perfect wallpaper television...

    The Big Brother coverage is also interactive, with available features depending on how you receive the channel. Sky Digital viewers get the best deal, with a choice of four camera angles, while other platforms getting show news, games, and voting features.

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