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The EWV2000 is the companion synthesizer module to the EWI. It interprets the voltage control information from the instrument and translates it into a monophonic synthesized sound. The EWV2000 is a completely analog synthesizer, like a minimoog which uses simplistic waveforms as the raw materials for sculpting sound. No internal effects are provided in this synthesizer.

The EWV2000 comes with two oscillators to provide for pitch changes, two LFOs, and two Filters. It is a very versatile and easily programmed synthesizer that really stands out as an incredible piece of musical hardware when coupled with its EWI controller.

Because it is dedicated as a slave to the EWI it has elements that are not found on any other synthesizer. With it you can adjust the EWI's breath, pitch bend, vibrato, and portamento sensitivity.

The external MIDI capapbilities allow you to control other synthesizers (analog or digital sample-based) with the same amount of expressiveness that the EWI is capable of. This, of course depends on the abilities of the external synth and can completely suck if the synth is designed solely for keyboard based controllers. The Alesis series of synthesizers are quite capable of dealing with control signals from the EWV2000.

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