"There will be no allegiance with those who turn to sin.
I have nothing but contempt for the turncoats who give in.
To regress from purity to weakness I can't allow.
The blatant desecration of a sacred vow.
- No Allegiance -

Biography + Enriched Discography

The band that was once a leader in the underground hardcore metal scene. Earth Crisis has sold more records for Victory records than any other band on the label, for good reason too. Earth Crisis managed to combine the metal fury of an early Metallica or Megadeth with hardcore brutality found in such bands as Snapcase or One King Down. Their albums, especially the ones early in their career are raw, and are full of emotion and conviction (think early Rage Against The Machine). Earth Crisis consisted of Karl Buechner - vocals, Ian Edwards - bass, Eric Edwards - guitar, Dennis Merrick - drums, and Scott Crouse - guitar. The height of Earth Crisis popularity occured when they were on the Tattoo the Earth Tour, which such heavy weight metal acts as Slayer and Slipknot.

"Street by street. Block by block. Taking it all back.
The youth's immersed in poison--turn the tide counterattack.
Violence against violence, let the roundups begin.
A firestorm to purify the bane that society drowns in.
- Firestorm -

Hailing from Syracuse, NY, Earth Crisis realesed its first EP in 1992, entitled All Out War, and war it was. Earth Crisis proudly declared war against animal cruelty, greed, laziness and staunchly promoted the straight edge ethos of the bandmembers. This album was followed up with the heavy hitting Firestorm in the following year. If anybody listened to All Out War and somehow missed the point, they would have to be deaf and dumb to avoid it in Firestorm. The album opens with the title track, consisting of a very consistent easy punching groove over which Karl adds his screams of war against the impurities of society. Ive been told by those more into the scene than I was that this track was written about The Black Panthers.

"Straight edge - the discipline.
The key to selfliberation is abstinence from the destructive escapism of intoxication.
I separate from the poison - a mindlessness I've always abhored.
Usage will only increase the pain, a truth I constantly see ignored.
- The Discipline -

At this point in their careers, Earth Crisis was beginning to make a name for themselves, and people would begin to take notice with the release of Destroy the Machines in 1995. They continued on the same path of their musical evolution, heavier riffing and more intense lyrics. The subject matter of the album remained consistent to their previous offerings. The title track discusses deforestation and the onslaught of man on the enviornment. Track 5, The Discipline starts discussing the path of the Straightedge and continues with a discussion of vivisection.

"In this self is all I need with this oath that keeps me free.
To this I am forever true. I am straight edge.
- Gammorrah's Season ends -

This album was quickly followed up with Gamorrahs Season Ends. Entitled after the mythological city of Gamorrah which was slaughtered by God, alongside Sodom, for the less than respectable actions of those who lived their. Expanding their subject matter to the idea of Nuclear war, Earth Crisis created more pounding songs about their beliefs and convictions. Released in 1996, this album managed to land Earth Crisis a spot on the second stage of the first ever OZZfest in Phoenix, AZ the same year.

"The drug related homicide of a nation as society is plagued by mass addiction.
The numbers culled eliminates competition.
Pulling others in as the caskets lower down.
Caustic chemicals open early graves.
- Drug Related Homicide -

1998 saw a first for Earth Crisis, their first live album, The Oath That Keeps Me Free. They opened the album with a cover of Cream's quintesential Sunshine Of Your Love. The album continues with several songs spanning Earth Crisis's entire discography, ending with the everpowerful Firestorm.

The same year saw the third full length Earth Crisis album, Breed The Killers. The album opens with End Begins, about a coming armegeddon, and continues into Filthy Hands To Famished Mouths, about the poor conditions of third world countries, happy stuff eh? Similar themes to the previous albums are prevalent throughout this album as well. Songs about Drug Related Homicides sit next to a terminator-esque track about the machines overthrowing humans, all done with the heart, feeling and emotion that was laden in every previous Earth Crisis cut.

"Try to slither in my soul, is to take and twist me, their only goal.
Won't let the wicked of the world have their way.
Seen the traps they set, so I won't fall prey.
It's the end of this era in time. No respect for life. It's all crossed the line.
- Slither -

Their next album, Slither, was a step into a different direction for Earth Crisis. Gone was the straight metal punch and recognizable screams of frontman Karl Buchner. In its place was a clean harmonic sound and solid groove. While the vocal style might have changed, the lyrics were written in their same confrontational powerful style. Subject matter ranges from the struggle of against the system to cybernetics. Typical Earth Crisis with an untypical sound.

"Revolution in their minds - the children start to march
Against the world in which they have to live
and all the hate that's in their hearts
They're tired of being pushed around
and told just what to do
They'll fight the world until they've won
and love comes flowing through
- Children Of The Grave -

In January 23, 2001 early 2001 Earth Crisis released the almost obligatory cover album. The album, entitled Last Of The Sane , featured covers of such artists as Black Sabbath, The Misfits and The Rolling Stones. This would be the last album to have origional material on it, as it also has 2 new songs and 2 demos of previously released material.

Earth Crisis disbanded on May 11, 2001. They released a greatest hits compilation entitled 1991-2001. While I have not been into the scene in the past 4 years, I am saddened to hear that such a great band, who once ruled the underground hardcore music scene, had disbanded, but I guess this is the year to do so.

Bland Discography

All lyrics written and performed by Earth Crisis. I tried to take a lyrical sample from each album before I talked about it. The only song not written by Earth Crisis is Children of the Grave, which was origionally written and performed by the legendary Black Sabbath and appears on their Master of Reality album, iirc. All lyrics are property of their respective owners and are used without permission. Thank you for not suing. CST Approved

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