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World's Busiest Freeway Interchange -- More then 430,000 vehicles pass through daily.

Freeways That Use the Interchange


Located in what was once just a turn on US 101, the East Los Angeles Interchange was started as early as 1948 with the construction of the Olympic Parkway bridge that has now become part of Interstate 5. Until 1961, when the SR-60 (West) to Interstate 10 (West) ramps were built, there was nothing but dirt under the bridge. The interchange itself, however, did not start construction until the late 1950s and was not even used until 1962 and was completed sometime around the mid to late 1960s.

The San Bernardino Split

Although not part of the main East Los Angeles Interchange, the San Bernardino Split is fairly interesting. Chunks of the current freeways are parts of the original 4 highways that met there, US 60, US 70, US 99, and US 101. The split is the interchange between US 101 and Interstate 10. Interestingly a piece of yesteryear was still part of the split up until 1996 with the flyover from Interstate 10 (West) to US 101 (South). It was removed during a seismic retrofit because of earthquake safety concerns and that the Interstate 5-Interstate 10 Junction makes it redundant. Also, the El Monte Busway which parallels Interstate 10 for a while begins here.

The Interstate 5-Interstate 10 Junction

Interstate 5 and Interstate 10 join near Prospect Park. Nothing really special about this part of the interchange.


  • There is no connection from SR-60 (West) to Interstate 5 (South). To do so you need to get on Interstate 710
  • Only 2 freeways don't need ramps to get out of the interchange, US 101 and Interstate 5.
  • Due to all the constant ramps and lane changes necessary, it feels like you're in light traffic regardless of the time.

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