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"Captain," Mr. Spock began, warily, "now that you have defeated Khan, what do you intend to do with him?"

James T. Kirk shrugged, swivelling to the side in his captain's chair, "well I was going to drop him on Ceti Alpha V, but then I had this vague recollection that the alternate Spock who was followed back in time by Nero and those other Romulans mentioned this would be bad."

Spock's eyebrow arched. "Did I.... did he tell you why this would be bad?"

Kirk replied, nonchalantly, "I think he said it ultimately caused the theft of Genesis, and his death."

"Genesis?" Spock seemed taken aback. "I am not aware of any significance to that word, other than the creation myth in one of the old Earth holy books. And, of course, the late twentieth century musical group fronted by Phil Collins. But how could the future Spock report the cause of his own death, when he is still living? Most illogical," Spock muttered.

"Hang on," Kirk cut off Spock's chain of thought. "I have an idea." The captured Khan Noonien Singh, only recently subdued after an attempt to take over the Enterprise, was quickly summoned to the captain's conference room.

Kirk opened his pitch diplomatically. "I had planned to drop you on an untamed world, to let you fight out the creation of a new civilization, but I worry about the tectonic stability of neighboring planets. So, I was wondering.... can you.... Khan, can you cook?"

Khan haughtily draw himself to his full, imposing height. "My DNA is interspersed with that of the finest chefs of my century. Even as I plotted the conquest of Earth, I earned the highest honors in all of the classes at the cooking school in the Sorbonne." He leaned forward with just a hint of menace, his voice a harsh whisper. "I make a chocolate truffle banana cream soufle to die for!!"

Half a smile crept across Kirk's face. "Really, I expected nothing less." He handed Khan an information tablet. "There's a five star intergalactic restuarant on the Rigel IV Spacedock that's having a run of serious management issues. They need someone who can run that kitchen with an iron fist."

Khan's eyes lit up, just a flash of glorious anticipation peering out from behind them. "Yes, yes I can see it now." His focus snapped back to Kirk. "Very well, Captain, but you should be aware of the old Klingon proverb: sorbet is a dish best served cold. And it is very cold.... in space." And then with a glance at the information borne out upon the tablet.... "ah, the first thing we must do is to improve upon that pretentious name...."

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