Up until recent years, the entire human race was fuelled by energy from our Sun. Any bodily heat or ability to walk down the street was actually just an expenditure of some of the Sun's radiated energy.

Person eats cheek cell
Cheek cell was grown from cow meat protein
Cow was slaughtered for hamburgers
Cow was grown from grass
Cow ate grass grown in sunlight
Oh yes your cheek cell calories are Sun rays
even when there's an artificial process involved:
Person eats tasty alfalfa
Edible plant was grown exclusively under indoor lighting
Power for lights came from burning coal
Coal came from pressurized strata of organic matter
(Which, naturally grew in sunlight, or ate something that did)
but thanks to modern science:
Person eats cucumber
This edible vegetable was grown under indoor lighting only
Energy for lights came from uranium splitting
The U came from a solar process far older than our sun

If you live in North America, chances are that you have had at least some of your life fed by this ancient source of energy, stored up for more years than you can imagine, released for you by modern technology.

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