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A while back I picked up an MP3 that was a parody of a tape on how to speak Ebonics, and found it freakin hilarious. These were the examples given:

White guy: My, you're a lovely young lady.
Black guy: Damn, you's a fine motherfucker.

White guy: Let's go for a ride, shall we?
Black guy: Hey, baby, lets jump in my lowrider and rotate these tires.

White guy: You are beautiful. I would like to make love to you.
Black guy: Damn, bitch, you stupid fly! Let me pull up to that bumper and smack that monkey!

White guy: Greeting old friends:
White guy: Hello Sir.
Black guy: What up dog?

White guy: May I borrow some money?
Black guy: Hey, let me hold some ends, I'll hit you back on the first, my brother.

White guy: You don't have it? Thanks anyway.
Black guy: Fuck You.

White guy: Making new friends:
White guy: Hello Sir.
Black guy: What up?

White guy: I admire your fashionable running shoes.
Black guy: Drop them Nikes off yo ass 'fore I blast you motherfucker!

If anyone would like the original MP3, just drop me a /msg and I'll give you a link to it.

Update: Well, if the people who soft-linked and voted down this node are to be believed, it is impossible to joke about Ebonics without being racist. Hang on a sec while I grab my white hood and swastika keychain, you fucking morons.

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