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Ever since the creation of affirmative action, there has been an incredible amount of controversy surrounding it. Affirmative action is the acceptance of one person over another based on his or her ethnicity, race, gender, or anything else that places the person in a minority. Most of the controversy, however, is about the creation of quotas in universities and workplaces for woman and people of color. It is true that people from these minorities have less of a chance to gain opportunities than others, but I think that another method should be devised.

When AA is discussed in some circles, a question that is often asked is "What about Bill Cosby's kids?" It is true that in this day and age, race and sex is becoming less and less of a determinant in acceptance of one individual over another. Bill Cosby, for example, is black, but is also wealthy; should his kids be subjected to AA? I think not. A more efficient way to use AA is to use class rather than any other factor in deciding who goes where. Class and wealth are a much decisive in who goes to which job or college. In the 21st century, the United States has minorities that have become fantastically rich and we have Caucasians that are poor. Instead of using a diminishing basis such as race and sex, the US should use class. That way, more and more people from lower income families will have the chance to experience a college education. Also, much less controversy will surround AA because I doubt I would find many people who are unwilling to send poor people to college. I believe that the United States should rethink its stance on AA and perhaps adopt a policy that is more beneficial to the country.

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