Every smoker has his or her own favorites, backups, and tertiary choices for their preferred smoke. Whether it be the lightest lite or the heaviest "full flavored" cig around. However, no one, and I mean NO ONE, should ever choose to pick up these pointless cigarettes.

I wouldn't exactly call these cigarettes at all, seeing as they contain no tobacco, nor any addictive bullshit. While this should be a good thing, as they could be used to help ween someone off of the killer habit. However, one important thing should be known about these cancer sticks, they smell, and taste, exactly like marijuana. First time I lit one up, I got a little buzz, but that's cuz the taste reminded me of buddha. My RA ran out in the hallway and almost killed me before I could explain the situation.

Hence, the stupidity. While they might be legal, and you have the pack in your pocket, I would rather not smell like weed unless I'm toking the ganja. Who in their bright mind would come up with this crap? Ecstacy Cigrattes, besides not causing any sensation of ecstacy whatsoever, do nothing but hurt your lungs. I recommend you buy a pack of real smokes, whether light, regular or *shudder* menthol, anything but these horrid concoctions.

For the sake of completeness: Ecstacy cigarettes can be found at any thorough smoke shop/tobacconist. If they have a wall or two of different types of packs, they probably have this stuff by the counter somewhere. If you're looking for a herbal smoke, I recommend marijuana, or colt's foot, which is a nice alternative to both pot and cancer sticks. If you really feel the need, Ecstacy Cigarettes can be ordered online from any other online store that wants to rip you off with "legal weed garanteed to get you high." Remember kids, that's another way to say bullshit.

Packs of Ecstacy come in white or lite-green boxes with a butterfly type graphic on it. They are as overpriced as they are worthless. While I apologize about the biased-ness of this write-up, but these smokes are worthless and wasteful. You'd be better off trying to smoke grass, you know, the green stuff on your lawn, or the neighbors lawn, or on the ground at the park. I am unsure of the ingredients in these smokes, but I'm pretty sure they contain some catnip, which you shouldn't smoke.

Some time ago I was running lights for a production of Dave Mamet's American Buffalo. Being a Mamet play, full of low-life characters, the director decided that the characters should all smoke. As most of the cast (and it was only three people...) did not smoke, we started purchasing Ecstacy Cigarettes.

And sure enough, they smelled like weed. After one of the performances, a security guard showed up and said "Damn, you kids havin' some fun, shit smells like I was back in Brooklyn". We showed him the pack, gave him one, and after some time he was convinced.

But indeed, these seem pretty pointless. I was quite entertained, though, by the fact that the final three ingredients in the list were (if I recall correctly) "Mint, love, and light."

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