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Born in 1959, Ed Greenwood was an important figure in the early years of roleplaying games. He is a master of the fantasy genre. Ed single handedly created one of the most popular fantasy settings in the world today, The Forgotten Realms. The Realms started as a setting for Ed's fantasy stories in the late 60's. Later it became his own personal campaign world for Dungeons & Dragons, (in 1975). It was the most detailed campaign world in existance by 1987 when the Forgotten Realms boxed set was introduced, (Ed had been publishing roleplaying material for TSR for a long time before that though).

Mr. Greenwood has published over 200 magazine articles, 20 novels, and several dozen Forgotten Realms manuals, making him one of the most prolific authors in the RPG world. In fact he contributed material to every RPG that TSR ever produceed. The Forgotten Realms has now grown far past just Ed Greenwood alone, it has been featured in several PC games, (most notably Baldur's Gate).

Ed currently lives in Ontario, Canada where he works as a library clerk, (in his spare time he continues to produce fantasy material).

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So far I have reviewed one of his books here on E2, Haunted Halls of Eveningstar. Let me know if you review any of his works so I can add them here.

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