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an entry in OLA Scary Story Contest 2000

Ed the Lion
by Christina, age eight

Once upon a time there was lion named Ed. He had a red spot on his back. There was a circle of red dust around him.
On Halloween he got out of his cage. He went to the city and sat in the park. Boys and girls saw Ed the lion. The boys dared each other to touch Ed the lion. But none of them touched Ed the lion because of the red spot on his back.

One day Ed the lion saw a pot of medicines and decided to drink some. He got very mad after he drunk the medicine.
He started to chase his tail. All the children began to make fun of him. Then he got really mad and turned into a ghost.

Next, a witch found him. She took him to her ouse. Then she took the red spot off his back. He began to float and he kicked the witch as he floated. A little girl saw what was going on. The witch saw the little girl.

The little girl's name was Andie. She always carried a stuffed monkey. The witch caught Andie. She was a magic kid. She could make red dust. So she made red dust. She gave some red dust to Ed. He became very powerful. The witch threw a bottle of potion at Andie. Andie turned into a teddy bear. Andie was too powerful. Andie turned the witch into an ant and smashed the ant. Everybody was happy even the lion named Ed was happy.

The end

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