Singer + songwriter, occasionally indie/country, sometimes slow pop.

Born in Texas, Frost briefly played in a future Austin, TX allstar band that included Melissa Cobb (Stick Figures) and Teresa Taylor (Butthole Surfers, Slacker). She moved to New York in 1990, and played in a country cover band and a rockabilly band for several years.

In 1994 she sent a demo tape to Drag City of her original songs, and a year later released the Edith Frost EP. Her recent albums have included work by Jim O'Rourke, Sean O'Hagan, David Grubbs, Rick Rizzo, Archer Prewitt, and Rian Murphy, with production work from Kramer, Steve Albini, and the Royal Trux folks. She's also appeared on solo albums by the above musicians, as well as a Mekons CD and several Willard Grant CDs.

Frost maintains a fantastic website,, and several Yahoo groups. She also used to run an online community for cowgirls.

Edith Frost EP - Drag City, 1996
"Ancestors" 7" - Island (UK), 1997
Calling Over Time - Drag City, 1997
Telescopic - Drag City, 1998
"Love Is Real" CDsingle - Drag City, 1999
Wonder Wonder - Drag City, 2001

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