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At the suggestion of mblase, a normally level-headed noder if ever there was one, I removed many of the w/u's in both haiku and limerick. I realize that many long-time users had work in those two nodes. And I realize that many of the ones I removed were very good. However, as mblase said (and I agree), those nodes should really be about the concept of the poetic forms and not a place to post examples of the form. Examples of the form should have their own titles and own nodes somewhere, it would seem to me.

So, feel free to tell me I'm wrong here. Or, feel free to dig your work out of Node Heaven and repost it under another node title. (However, please remember Pet Semetary and last night's episode of Buffy. Be very careful that your resurrected dead w/u has not soured on you during the process.)

Thanks for your patience.

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