I killt a lot of stuff today. Most of it was from nuke requests.

There are some good noders going through their writeups and cleaning out the chaff. I think that's a good thing. thefez is doing it himself; i think others with that power might be too. It's a way to act as a good example, which is better than pedantry. But heck, after that (long, meticulous, bloody, bloody, bloody) killing spree - over a slow connection - i'm gonna get pedantic. So sit down and listen or cover your ears and run away. Your choice.

  1. E2 nuke request is not a -XP toilet. If people hate your node, or it is merely mediocre, figure out why and fix it. Better to turn it into a good node than to have an editor spending time trying to decide whether to kill it with or without XP loss. I mean, most people would try to correct a bad habit rather than kill their child. Right? Right? Or is it just me?
  2. Think before you node. Ok, i think i'm gonna stick with the childrearing metaphor i stumbled on. This node is attributed to you. Drunken noding (noding under the influence) or noding while really fucking stupid or noding in anger will get you stuck with a (possibly brain-damaged) node you may not want. A little thought will save you a trip to the clinic, you know what i mean?
  3. um..
Ok, my preaching ran out of steam. Just - listen, ok? If you're new, or not-so-new, and people start calling you a troll, and you're not, try to understand why they think so. There are certain standards that are developing here. We respect good writing and clear explanation and craftsmanship and creativity and knowledge and originality. And respect.

If you are a troll, go away.


Oh, you wanna know what i killed? Morbid curiosity? Voyeur? Aside from the user-requested ones..
  • quine and talk mode, both by Twiin, both mercifully: duplicate of Jargon file entries, unattributed.
  • Rock Opera, by everyone and broot. I can't remember why at this point, but i know did it without regret, or i'd remember a struggle with my conscience. My conscience is more ruthless than i am.
  • sucject of scorn, by green42 (mercifully, i think it was a typo - it was empty)
  • "really mean", by kimberlyc8. It was a baby-names translation of kimberly. One line. Maybe i just didn't get it.
And i cleaned up lots of misspellings, as is my wont. Hooray for that! I love you but you don't know how to spell...

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