It's been said that the easiest way to let the air out of a party is to swap spontaneity for sponsorship, but since I'm a little late to this particular party I'd like to offer this:

Writeups posted to Forgotten things in space will live until Monday, July 7th, at which point I'll dole out rewards for the best (rep-wise) of the bunch. Depending on how things go and how well the thing holds together as a node, I might even let the whole lot of 'em live. My only request is that you not flood New Writeups - be kind and post hidden.

Call it a quest-in-a-bottle. Go nuts. I got your backs on this one.


Good job, everyone. Participants got 150xp and a C! to spend. Sam512 got a blessing and a C!, too, for having the lede writeup.

Let's do it again real soon.

I'm starting to get used to stuff 'round here.

There's so much to learn, every time I think I've got things pretty much down pat, something else comes up.

One of the things that I've found very rewarding is spending (literally) hours going through "random nodes" and separating the wheat from the chaff. One of the things I figure is that if others spend time upvoting the stuff for which we'll become distinctive (and downvoting the dreck) this place will become even better.

One of the ways to repay E2 for all the joy I've derived from my time here is the power vested in me to correct typos and misspellings committed by writers who've not signed on in years. They're great writeups; just not perfect ones. My goal is to strive for progress, not perfection, however.

As frustrating as it may be to have to let down the occasional noder who, like myself, dove in head-first without reading the instructions, those few frustrations are far surpassed by the seemingly vast number of new noders who're taking to this place like a duck to water (or shaogo to twelve-year-old Scotch).

This is my very first Editor Log so I want to keep it brief.



In technological terms, it's multiple millenia since I joined E2. Back then, in 2002, G3 Ibooks where all the rage and the catbox was not only regulated by the EDB, but also by some sort of codex. What you posted should be relatively interesting, mindful and thought-provoking. And if you trolled, you'd better make it relatively interesting, or the EDB would get you and thankfully shut you up.

These days we have exchanges like this:

At least one of the participants in this exciting game of words is currently enrolled in postgraduate education. This does not reflect well on this noder's university.

Or on E2. For goodness sake, if you want to provoke a response from the rest of the present noders, can't you come up with something slightly more intelligent? E2 has a history of some excellent trolls who were able to outrage the catbox with far more intelligent statements then just making female mammaries the object of universal attention.

We had some really good trolls back then. Today's catbox interruptive elements unfortunately don't entice noders to take part in a discussion. And unfortunately, for five or six noders, it's just that: interrupting and insulting their fellow noders. Woe to the noder who refuses to abide to their endless game of denigration.

The rest of us just roll our eyes and look once again for the chatteroff button and dream of elective brownouts.

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