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It's June 20th (e2 time) and it's time for Lost Gems of Yesteryear: Odyssey Two to get underway! If that's TL;DR for you, the short version is: Send me a list of up to 5 of your favorite existing e2 writeups, written by different noders other than yourself, from the last 5 years (2010—2015). Then publicize them for the next four weeks in any manner you like. As an example, during the previous LGoY quest I worked my candidates in as hard links in the body of Walking Man 35. Zephronias has already signed up for three writeups, and with that, we are underway! Please consider participating by nominating, reading, and voting. The more participation we get, the better this will work.

Obligatory editor activity log: I fixed a few typos in writeups by absent noders, and by current ones where permission was granted. (One noder declined my corrective services.) I have added hard links to various Webby writeups that needed them. And I used Do You C! What I C? to find cool stuff to consider for my quest. If you are unable to use that tool, you may like The Recommender which is also nifty and keen.

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