Two items:

First, several nodes were removed which had this tiresome meme as a title: "People who . . . . " This has been discussed on here at length, and yet we still get tons of these types of nodes created.

If you want to tell us about people playing football in your alley at 2 AM (and I'm not sure why you would), don't make the title, People who play football in my alley at 2 AM really piss me off. Find a better way to title it, please. However; this stands as a perfect example of why most nodes like this don't even need to see the light of day. I hope the reason is self-explanatory.

If you had a "People who . . . . " writeup that has gone missing, and you were quite fond of it, drag it out of Node Heaven and repost it with a more thoughtful title. If you have some "People who . . . . " writeups that you are fond of and which are still here, you might want to consider a nuke request or a title edit. Thanks.

Second, there was a discussion with Yerricde after a couple of ASCII art nodes were removed. I told the user that we'd decided that the ASCII art nodes (if there is such a thing as ASCII art; that debate should include at least a painter and a sculptor, I think) aren't helping the site.

I don't think there's a big push on to remove ASCII art that already exists here, but please don't post any more. Of course, if your ASCII diagram is a part of a writeup which depends on it for informational purposes, don't feel as if you shouldn't use the tool in that manner. (Hehehe. He said, "Use the tool.") Some of the best work here includes ASCII diagrams for support. Writeups which describe how to tie knots are great examples.

The editors appreciate your patience during this spring cleaning, of sorts, and we hope that the loyal opposition to editorial policies will understand.

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