There has been discussion recently in the content editor's group about how to form some fairly objective standards regarding writeup deletion. In the course of this discussion, one thing that came up is that while we allow additional leeway in quality and topics when users' post to daylogs, many users are not posting daylog material in the daylogs. This is a super easy fix.

Moving forward, the site editors will be keeping an eye out for writeups that don't deserve removal, but are personal, experimental, subjective, or tied to specific dates and don't clearly have reason to be posted outside of the daylogs. These writeups may be moved to daylogs as a first action; if your writeup is moved to a daylog you will receive a message from the editor who moved it, but this message will often arrive at the same time as the writeup is moved.

This should additionally help keep the daylogs strong; traditionally, daylogs have been a central part of building our community, a place where you can see what other users are thinking about and going through, all in one spot, sorted by recency. There will soon be more content in the daylogs, and I encourage you to jump in and read them, and, hopefully, add to them!

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