Here we go, entering my second calendar month as a CE. As promised, a few more ruminations on my editorial philosophy:

Editor cools are a strong statement. In my opinion, they should be used sparingly. Accordingly, I will use no more than three editor cools in a given calendar month. Treasure it if you get one.

Softlocking is something that I do reluctantly. Nevertheless, a number of nodes do show a tendency to degenerate into he-said-she-said arguments, or a series of me-too one-liners. I don't like GTKY any more than the next editor, and I'll softlock these.

Nose to the grindstone:

This is gonna be a real irregular kinda log, seeing as I'm going all itinerant this month and don't know what my E2 access is going to be like. That said, I wouldn't want to deprive anybody of my snide commentary, let alone the humiliation of having nuked writeups posted. As always (ok, since as of last month), I will remove writeups from my Nuked list if requested, since I know I'd rather forget my fair share of embarrassments in Node Heaven.


  • bra (thing) by Zorin (mercifully) because it was weak, like most of the other writeups in that node. (Hint, hint, CRT monkeys!)
  • Sex Ed (thing) by justthere (mercifully) because it was unformatted teen angst drivel.
  • spicy food (thing) by Accipiter (mercifully) by the author's nuke request

Editor Cooled

  • Modern art for a nice blend of fact and opinion. In particular, factual noders and fans of factual nodes should take a look at evandyne's amazing, encyclopedic writeup. Simply put, it's one of the very best general overviews I've seen on such a broad and diverse topic.



Nothing yet.

"Where do you live?"

There has been a mandate to consolidate The Everything People Registry nodes into single, comprehensive listings of the people there. This has come about as a result of some of these registry nodes being more than ungainly and taking hours to load. This is absolutely necessary, as the growth of E2 has rendered these registry nodes almost useless as ways of finding people in various locations as part of the community movement. Not to mention for administrative purposes of tracking and knowing where you are in the event of a full scale revolution and E2 needs to select appropriate able bodied noders to fight in the conflict.

There are good examples of where this sort of consolidation has already occurred. See Sylvar's consolidation at The Everything People Registry : United States : Florida and Orange Julius's consolidation at The Everything People Registry : United States : Massachusetts. These fine individuals had some time ago taken on the responsibility to create a list and ask new posters in those nodes to either contact them or to post a writeup and they would integrate it. This just makes good sense. Until WolfDaddy completes the consolidation of The Everything People Registry : United States : California go by there and try to decide who you might try to contact if you were living in San Jose and wanted to get together with other noders.

As for the concern that interesting tidbits of information and valuable factoids are being lost, take heart noble noders. Take a look at the nodes for your home city or town or even state or country. Seem to need a bit more information? You know intimate details and perhaps your Everything People Registry node is the foundation of a valuable entry for people interested in your turf. That whole "this is what your homenode is for" business is a lot of boring dog vomit. Of course, that is true when it comes to details like your e-mail address, contact information, or how to find you when you are wandering the streets of Des Moines. When it comes to interesting tidbits about what goes on in Kansas City, Boise, Malmo or Frankfurt... there is a node there calling your name. Visit Node Heaven and give this some thought.

Alex and I have, as volunteers, spearheaded the group consolidating these nodes. We have, at times, asked other noders with existing writeups to let us paste a formatted list into their existing node. The key here is that these lists will need to be maintained. New noders, as well as existing noders who have not been listed before (some thought it was silly to post a registry writeup but like the list idea), have and will ask to be added. We strongly welcome volunteers to maintain the lists. This is not a case of saying "these are easy, lets node for numbers and create infinite lists of people." It is a case of doing the right thing, to make the Everything People Registry as user friendly and valuable as possible as a part of E2 and the community here.

Consolidation of People Registry Nodes in Progress.
You are not alone.
Everyone still loves you.
Well, pretty much everyone.

If you live in a state or country that alex or I have created a Registry listing in and you want to take over the list, we are open to replacing most of ours with a writeup by a resident of said state, country or province. To qualify, one must be a noder who has been on E2 for a decent length of time and has demonstrated a level of dedication to the site. This qualification is in place to avoid having relatively new noders who may lose interest and bugger off in the near future leaving incoming residents of their home state or country sending /msgs to be added to the listing to someone who isn't there any longer. Of course, it is quite possible anyone here might flee the scene, but we're trying to go with the law of averages here and cross our fingers. Feel free to /msg either alex or myself if you are interested in taking over a Registry node.

Alex adds:

Thanks to the following noders who have already offered their services: TheBooBooKitty (US/Missouri), Saige (US/Illinois), weasello (Canada/British Columbia), Footprints (Israel), wertperch/TallRoo (UK), mblase (open to other states since his was already taken), NinjaPenguin (who took New Jersey and is open to doing any other that need consolidation), Andara (who has volunteered to take any peaceful, idyllic US states that need looking after)


It has come to my attention that very few noders
know the trick about editing a writeup in a locked node.
If your writeup, including Registry writeups you will need to edit and maintain
is in a locked node, simply click on the node type link
for your existing writeup
The little "person" "place" "thing" "idea" link in the upper left hand corner next to your writeup title.
This re-opens your editing box for the writeup.

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