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  • Temporary_woman by masukomi: It was a very, very long IRC log which was probably of interest to those who were there at the time. It's very, very rare that I see an IRC log that was worth noding. Small excerpts may at times be okay, maybe. If there's something really special there that's likely to interest the average reader.

  • The "getting to know you" node What is your ass on top of?, including contributions by the following:

    1. jessicapierce
    2. tim_three
    3. datagirl
    4. TMA
    5. Hai-Etlik
    6. tres equis
    7. kessenich
    8. CowboyNeal
    9. moJoe
    10. tregoweth
    11. lulu
    12. CaptainSpam
    13. Spydr
    14. getzburg
    15. Kit Lo
    16. emil greer
    17. sensei
    18. rivet
    19. fattybob
    20. Magenta
    21. Asamoth
    22. Accipiter
    23. WonkoDSane

    All were nuked mercifully. I yanked out the nodeshell and nailed it to the barn door to scare the others.

    <ol type="i"> -- can't beat it.

  • assembly language by jankr (fled). jankr wants to tell us that "C maps to the PDP11 internal instruction set." Guess what? It doesn't. "Node what you don't know" does not mean "make shit up". It means go out and learn it first, then node it. Killed with penalty, even though the user is long gone. It's the principle of the thing.

  • Some nuke requests, title edits, fled user stuff and whatnot, and a couple of writeupless fled users themselves. All non-fled users were informed, with the exception of the GTKYn gang. They're why I did the log.

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