Noders of the world, unite! You have nothing to lose but your chings!

Aside from Manifesto Quest early in the month, October was fairly slow in editor-land (or at least my corner of it). Still, early October was a very productive brainstorming time for us and a huge volume of excellent ideas came out of it. So that they don't get lost in the nodegel, I've made a short list here of the manifestos that I remembered. If you wrote a manifesto but don't see it here, please send me a /msg so I can add it.

Now comes the hard part; following through on those suggestions to make sure that they get to the point of implementation. Some of the suggestions made above are already being worked on but I think that it wouldn't hurt to have a little more communication from our coders and the gods as to which projects have been picked up as well as which continue to be in development. Progress reports and WIPs such as Oolong's potential new E2 Guest User front page are great.

Ah. You're the guys I hear breathing on the other end of my phone.

As above, not much happened in October. However, the editors did have several discussions on:

  • Formalizing the set of reasons for a writeup to be nuked as suggested in E2 Manifesto: 2010. Expect this to come down the line in the near to semi-near future.
  • Several short requests for second opinions on nuking and plagiarism.
  • Farewell to anthropod as she left the staff.
  • The potential new E2 Guest User front page, following up on the suggestions made in Aerobe's minifesto.
  • A new tool by our programmers which should help editors find and delete blanked writeups as they happen (though if we miss any, please do not hesitate to let us know).
  • The recent changes to How to become a better anorexic. (Since the writeup was functionally blanked, it was deleted.)

Now I am become death, the destroyer of words

alphabetical order by Pastalero - (0/-7) when nuked. Blanked writeup, advised to use E2 Nuke Request in the future.

Nuked By Author Request

Your dreams in a little box in the closet by kthejoker
February 4, 2003 by kthejoker
Katy, Texas by kthejoker
Plug Spark Sanjay by kthejoker
Tahiti 80 by kthejoker
Trans Am by kthejoker
The Cato Salsa Experience by kthejoker
A man toiled on a burning road by kthejoker

What is Everything2? You told me!

Submissions have closed on last month's tagline contest and it's time for the voting to begin. So listen up!

  1. Voting will be open during the month of November.
  2. Once the month has ended, what it looks like we'll be doing is having one sensible main tagline and then, elsewhere on the front page, a randomly rotating blurb of 5-10 of your favorite submissions.
  3. Every user may vote for one tagline and up to two picks for the rotating blurb.
  4. Send your picks to me via the message system, like so: /msg Aerobe I would like to vote for "X" for the strapline, and "Y" and "Z" for the blurb.
  5. You may not, of course, vote for your own submissions.


Here, then, are the suggestions we've accumulated. Although your names were (and continue to be) attached to your contributions in last month's Editor Log, I've removed attributions here to discourage bias. Standings will appear in bold after each item in form (T: #, B: #).

  • Share and enjoy.
  • Literary Karaoke (T: 1, B: 2)
  • It's sort of like a big bus... or a boat.
  • A Pointed View of Neutrals.
  • Tune in, turn on, time out.
  • Defying definition since 1999 (T: 2, B: 5)
  • Different reading. Different writing.
  • Writing everything about everything. (T: 2, B: 3)
  • Stuff kinda happens Y'know?
  • A Internet simulation of your favorite place in the library to sit and read.
  • Youse gonna node if you knows whats good for ya, see?
  • Everything2 has thousands of factual and fictional written works on almost every subject. You might be interested in writing here, too. (T: 2)
  • Shitty design, crappy interface, but the best fucking writing you assholes will ever read. (T: 1)
  • Everything2 is an Organic Content Farm enriched with uncontaminated fertilizer. (B: 1)
  • MMORG ISO Magister Ludi for our own Glass Bead Game.
  • E2, Brute? (B: 3)
  • Wikipedia's weird cousin/older brother. (B: 2)
  • Hello, we are Everything2, what's your name? (T: 1, B: 1)
  • Read. Write. Create. (T: 3)
  • Our fiction is more entertaining than Wikipedia's. (T: 1, B: 5)
  • Like Facebook, but with Mexicorn.
  • You will never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy.
  • You will never find a more wretched hive of ponies and buttercups. (B: 4)
  • Like Twitter, but with cake recipes.
  • The blood, my God, the blood!
  • Please try to make more sense than our blurbs. (B: 6)
  • has baked you a pie! (Do not eat it.) (B: 2)
  • Find the secret Wil Wheaton account and win $25,000!
  • That's the look, that's the look. THE LOOK OF LOVE.
  • once ate ten pounds of cabbage! (T: 1, B: 1)
  • Read, think, write and receive feedback. Rewind. Repeat. (T: 1)
  • Open mouth. Insert foot. Get downvoted. Sulk. Consider learning something. Rewind. Repeat.
  • Writing is only the beginning.
  • The exact opposite of Twitter! #omgfacts
  • Every definition is wrong, especially the one everyone agrees upon. (B: 1)
  • Don't know where this "writers' site" crap came from but it sure as hell isn't in the prospectus. (B: 2)
  • A group blog with no inherent ordering crossed with a role-playing game and a chat room
  • We prefer "colorful" points of view.
  • An argument to contain all arguments on all subjects.
  • This is a website on the internet (B: 1)
  • Look, some of the stuff here isn't true, okay? (B: 2)
  • Words arranged in interesting ways (B: 3)
  • Remove lid. Add water to fill line. Replace lid. Microwave for 1 1/2 minutes. Let cool for 3 minutes. (B: 2)
  • Connecting ideas and people.
  • Putting the consummate 'v's in savvy
  • An edited collection of writing about anything.
  • Breathe in. Breathe out. Repeat until dead. (B: 1)
  • Read. Write. (T: 5)
  • the world's coolest text (B: 1)
  • Paragraphs with pulse.
  • Welcome to the rebirth of your desire to write. (B: 2)
  • Read with us. Write for us. (T: 7)
  • The write stuff.
  • We write wrongs.
  • Write in the corner of the Internet. (B: 1)
  • Read, write, enjoy. (T: 4, B: 2)

It's freakin' cold. By this time next month, no doubt, I'll be wishing that it were as "cold" as it is today. Anyway, the season to be merry is coming up and this is your last chance to be someone's Secret Santa or gobble the turkey at mon table. It will also be that kind of party (photographic proof will be provided) so pay attention to the mashed potatoes, decadently crafted by yours truly. Anyway, business.

Features, creatures

We have not been idle. I'm sure that Oolong or DonJaime will (hint, hint) root log their achievements for the month.

The Gender Gap (second, revised edition)

Of course there was flak and fallout from last month's statement in this space that certain sorts of feminists scare me, and from the accompanying almost-but-not-entirely facetious reference to threats of emasculation. Not the first time that shooting from the hip has gotten me into trouble, oh well. What hilarity ensued was mostly the mother of my children laughing at the accusations of misogyny. I, on the other hand, because I promised to listen to anything put on the table at the beginning of my time as site admin, take this sort of talk a bit more seriously but still find the allegation a bit too ludicrous to even be offended by it, and so much less credible for being whispered behind my back. I could explain myself at length but I do not wish to bring my personal background and domestic life into the argument.

To those who would treat every issue as an adversarial one, I suggest more flexibility in the analysis of the environment. I don't think that E2 is a suitable candidate for applied conflict theory. Some interactionist readings will soothe your raging soul and might suggest a better approach to the issues of this particular community.

Is he ever going to go away?

Someone who recently ragequit demanded my public execution or at least dismissal from the staff. Now I really don't mean to say that l'etat, c'est moi but in some aspects the site's design (de facto, ex officio, and other Latin crap to go with the French) makes it just that so it's mostly for me to decide when I go. Anyway, my detractors may be pleased to know that I have not glued myself to the throne and do not plan to grow old on the job. Some time at the end of next summer my associates and I will evaluate the needs of the site, review our position and my performance in the context, see what other talent is available, and will decide whether a change at the top is desirable. I figure bones spent three years actively engaged, then another three years supervising, dann had three years, so I should draw a line of my own at three years and take it from there.

Saluting the tin-foil hat brigade

I was speaking with someone recently when they informed me that there was all sorts of E2-related traffic outside of E2. Now I find that quite normal. The deficiencies of our messaging system are well-known so I quite often use e-mail, IRC and AIM myself. Same person then went on to inform me that this had something to do with fears of surveillance by people unduly interested in what other people are saying on E2. This I found slightly amusing.

Seriously, WTF? Some of you people (in the "You People" sense) really are stuck in 2002. Only about half a dozen people have both the access and the skill to read messages and, as far as I know, not one of them has any motivation to do so. Had someone found motivation under the current regime you'd still be hearing the sound of them being fired. The days of the DARKLOG and such idiocies are over, for those who remember. Teh Management has better things to do than play secret police. We're really not interested in your private conversations, riveting as they may be. We have our own.

It *is* paranoia when nobody finds you interesting enough to persecute.

Staff changes

The patient's condition is stable. No hires, no fires. Not even a bag of gummi worms.

Editorial activity

Under the radar really, as usual. I have people for that! I approve of the accounting that some staff members give in their ed logs but do not require it since we don't do anonymous nukes and such anymore. Myself, I have little to confess to in terms of nukage. Everything I axed this month was at the author's request. I did my share of corrections to existing writeups, made some title changes, and shuffled around and relinked/auto-forwarded a few titles.

Göring is showing Hitler some new bombers. Hitler is very impressed.
"Amazing! We should have ten thousand of those!"
"But, mein Führer, surely you're not thinking of disarmament?!"
--German joke, 1938

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