I am not an editor. But I have been an editor. And I wrote Everything Editor Logs and The Everything Editor's Job and Node for the Ages and I even nuked Guest User, and I feel like writing an Editor Log, so TRY AND STOP ME, SUCKAS.

I have had quite enough of this.

I have had quite enough of random slow pageloads and 504 errors and the malfunctioning catbox. I have had quite enough of this site seemingly falling to pieces with no communication from the higher-ups about what the fuck is wrong and what the fuck is being done to fix things.

This has been going on for several months, people. As far as I know, no one knows if the server is broken, if there's a separate connectivity issue, or if there's one disgruntled student who keeps coming in and shutting off the server because he's tired of hearing it beep at him.

What is wrong with the site? How can I help fix it?

Don't tell me "Don't worry about it, we're working on it, progress is being made." To steal a phrase from game designer Steve Jackson, I'm not a stockholder, but I am a stakeholder. We all are. We all hold a stake in the success of the site, of our writing, of our community.

We have a lot of writeups here -- most, if not all, will never be published anywhere else. We have a right to know why our writing is unavailable so often. We have a right to be told why our site has more connectivity issues than LiveJournal.

Tell us what's wrong. Tell us how we can help. I can write you a check for a new server right now. Maybe not a super-fancy gold-plated server. But I can at least try to get you closer to the gold-plated server, if that's what you need.

We are your stakeholders and partners in this venture. Tell us how we can fix it.

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