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November 27, 2000
Everything Editor Logs

Staggering. Wind; cold, harsh and unforgiving; it knows. It knows of the turkey eaten. It knows of the Scotch drunk. It knows of the bacon worshipped - and of the waddling pain that now afflicts the fearless nodal janitor. Still. Still. Must…press…on. Nodes to review. Nodes to cool. Nodes to terminate. Check the Node .45's ammo - yes, one speedloader left. Stagger on. On…

  1. Hefty Bo Peters, fled noder, appears to have left a trail of dung. Let us follow it to its source, cleansing as we go:
  2. not-too-distant future by crayz is linkless and 5 words long, plus made redundant by a better following w/u…
  3. harm sported two. Harmen screed: "My name!" Er, so what? Pow. firewind defined it as "A thing that does damage." BBzzzzzzzt! Thank you for playing!
  4. nookie contained a useless, off-topic, massively negative-rated node by Scottman that begged for a mercy bullet.

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