JungleBoy pulled an Asamoth and left us. He replaced all of his writeups -- twenty-eight of them -- with the following text:

This writeup has been removed in protest of unjust nuke'ing

I want my fucking "coffee (person)" writeup back

I removed all of them. This is the text of the writeup which was "unjustly" nuked:

My God, and friend, Coffee is. I worship You daily, from when I wake to when I sleep. You give me strength, You are my life. Through You I live; without You I die. Amen

It's a classic example of a content-free writeup which ought to have been removed.

I removed the following writeups by JungleBoy. Each of them contained only the same pasted-in complaint.

  1. Pings In Heaven
  2. Morning Rituals
  3. From Walden West On
  4. embrace and extend
  5. The Everything People Registry : United States : Montana
  6. Book of Mozilla
  7. Happy Poem
  8. Sad Poem
  9. Unhappy Place
  10. kinky sex
  11. I am the Dandelion
  12. The Dandelion
  13. Nicotine is NOT a drug
  14. Over the Hedge
  15. High Ping Bastard
  16. Neuschwander
  17. making sure the Internet doesn't break
  18. making sure the Internet is still there
  19. spackle
  20. Bubba Gump Shrimp Company
  21. DPT
  22. RAID
  23. text-mode
  24. Jason's Mom
  25. Yo Mama
  26. buttmunch
  27. Montana
  28. Guru

Killed pi by Mike1024; consisted of misformatted string of pi's digits that badly broke the layout of the page. As a bonus, M1k offered the boast "My pi-fu is better than your pi-fu". ...Yeah, but I don't make E2 wider than a loophole in the Florida election laws.

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