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October 11, 2000
Everything Editor Logs
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Hear o dem bones, the gentle fizzing of the nodegel. Its effervesence is like unto thine own beloved Mountain Dew.

See the nodes bobbling and swaying.

Hear the trolls being locked out, their writeups dissolved into freegel, then their homenodes imploding and then sliding into cascading ripples into the gel.

And their noders! Hear the happy noders! Ah, the children of the night. Listen to them sing.

The Crypt destabilizes:

  • unabashed by deep thought, by request. Node sumbitted twice.
      (Brawl: I was thinking of Bela Lugosi in the Universal Pictures version. One of the first movies in English that I saw. And Lugosi could not speak English but was just uttering phonetics transcribed for him. Heh.)

Gellified cum by Kaleb: " it could bring to mind well... uh..." Uh what? If you're afraid to say it, why did you bother? Not all of us are native English speakers. Personally, I never heard that word before coming to E2, not in English anyway. Because of you I had to look it up in the dictionary. It gave me two definitions:

  • WITH: combined with: along with <served as an office-cum-den>
  • abbr cumulative

Divorced Whats the matter with single white females? from 0x45. Said: "... I mean, they should be all over me!!!" Why should they? It's not hex they're looking for!

More jelly by Kaleb:

  • coolest guy in the world (that would be him)
  • Injuns - quite ignorant
  • ganesh - this one was actually correct, but just an old one-liner ("The Hindi god of knowledge and the remover of obstacles.") obsoleted by LordOmar's detailed write-up (for which I placed the node on Page of Cool).

Zapped zphobic, in which xenophon tells us it is his friend's handle and asks us to say hello whenever we run into him. Sorry, we don't do that here.

Yet more Kalebration. I'll just list it here:

  • Jonathan Harper
  • uh...
  • wild Indians
  • vulgarized
  • Noli
After this, I had to wash my hands thoroughly with Clorox to get rid of all the brown gel that stuck on them while wading through Kaleb's gunk.

Ditched Dizzy is a Studmuffin by nine9, dizzy, Katyana. Too many calories, no nutritional value.

The gel burbles gently as it absorbs the rapidly dissolving fragments of . . .

  • Whats the matter with single white females? by 0x45:

    " ... I mean, they should be all over me!!! Am I right here?

    hey look, at least it's not a nodeshell anymore..."

    That's what you think. Skrawwk N-Wing, please come to the white courtesy telephone on the lower level and collect your nodeshell.

    I must reluctantly concede this one to whizkid.

  • How NOT to write software by android: "See also: Microsoft". Hyuk hyuk hyuk.

  • Nothing by GreySoul: Empty writeup. Clever, but not quite clever enough. It was from the ninth; I asked the user to get it nuked at the time. I also accidentally C!'d it back then, so he's 5 XP to the good for all that.

  • half goat half monkeyman hybrid by Johnny Crash: Unamusing, unimaginative babble. No hardlinks, either.

  • great big damn files by pH0eTusX: "I remember the days of floppies", no hardlinks. That's nice, dear.

  • Gervase by St3o: Hysterical hooting and yowling about something which I presume to be a television program. The other writeup in the node suggests that St3o's predictions regarding this "Gervase" creature were wildly inaccurate anyway. No loss. It's amazing how some people spend their time here, when they'd really be much happier biting the heads off chickens and fouling the straw they sleep on.

  • Johnny Crash by Johnny Crash: He asked that it be killed. Don't ask me why. It was at -7, though, and it was the last writeup he had. There was one clever bit: He claimed to be "an experimental crossbreed between the genes of Johnny Cash and Darby Crash" (I didn't say it was neatly expressed; I just like the idea), and he's even in a band. I wish you the best of luck in your future endeavors, Mr. Crash.

Glared angrily at let the nodeshells be, but didn't quite pull the trigger . . .

Bad, Bad Nodeshells: Half goat half monkeyman hybrid

Just for the record, based on the "cum" definitions above, I'd like to say that whizkid rules. And I actually like sensei's misquote better than the others.

Deleted Users: All of the ones suggested in Lord Brawl's edlog from yesterday. And Mighty Lord, though I thank thee mightily for all your work tracking down those fled hosers, please oh please oh please, in the future, just ten to twelve at a time, not 60. My ears have bled so.

Zapped Nodeshells: several. Let's just say several and be done with it.

Killed: as requested by Lord Brawl, I got rid of tres equis, you suck for making all these empty nodes. No penalty for tres equis, no mercy for cantsin. Also deleted the nodeshell.

Movie Questions Cleared Up: It's: "Listen to them! Children of the night! What music they make!" (Gary Oldman's version: "Mmmmm, Listen, children of the night. What sweet music they make!") Also, I question how poor Lugosi's English really was. According to my sources (www.imdb.com, of course), he'd lived in the United States for ten years before "Dracula" was filmed and had won wide acclaim for starring in the stage play for three years on Broadway. (And did you know he was one of the organizers of the Screen Actors' Guild?)

--Jet-Poop, world's foremost expert on monster movies, will be out of town 'til Sunday. Nuke stuff good and hard in my memory!

Nodes / Writeups removed today:

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