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Editor Log: October 17, 2000
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Transcript begins:
"You wanna know about the nodegel, huh? Lemme tell ya, man, it's all about the nodegel. They don't want anyone to know about the nodegel, but it's everywhere, man. It's fucking everywhere.

"See, it started this morning when the guy came who brings the mail. He gave me a bunch of damn bills again, and that's when I noticed there was this...slime...all over the envelopes. Nodegel, man. I was gonna get on the mailman about leaving nodegel all over the mail, and then I noticed he had that same slime leaking out his eyes. He was full of fucking nodegel, man! I couldn't let that go. So I killed him and cut him open to set the nodegel free.

"I got his body into the backyard, but my damn loudmouth neighbor saw me and started screaming. And damn if she weren't full of nodegel, too! I got her with the shovel before she got in the house, but her husband came out, and he was goddamn dripping with nodegel. He hadda go, too.

"By that time, the cops got there. They had those nodegel eyes, too, but they wrassled me down before I could get 'em. And they brought me here. That's all I gotta tell, and I wanna talk to my--wait a minute. You--You got nodegel on your collar! You got nodegel on your damn collar! You're one of 'em! You're one of them! You're one of--
Transcript ends...

Killed: mertseger's writeup in djinn. Total content: "Plural of djinni or genie". No, dammit. No, no, no, no, no. THWACKOOM!

Killed: writeups by chinoodle in Special Air Service, Special Air Service (History), Special Air Service (General Information), and Special Air Service (Opinion). Back in May, he said, "Writeup coming soon, please be patient." Well, my patience is at an end! THWACKOOOM! Also deleted the empty nodeshells. Thanks to Ground Control for the heads-up.

Deleted: Nailbunny's writeup in Soristitute. By request of user. She'd moved her writeup to the correctly-spelled (?) node (Sorostitute, if you were wondering). Also deleted the nodeshell.

Why are y'all voting these up? I got lots of better stuff out there. Everyone does. If you feel the urge to vote up edlogs, do a User Search on the editor's name, dagnabit!
I keep getting this message in my Epicenter:

Hack! You've got pneumonia!

As a consequence I am mostly inactive right now. Even on E2. My apologies to all for not being able to contribute much to the good of the nodegel right now.

I have deleted a few things over the past few days but I cannot remember what, so...

If I have sent you a typo msg that didn't make any sense, I'm sorry.

If you have sent me a msg and I haven't replied, my apologies as well.

Hear, o dem bones, you'll like this:

One antibiotic has a side-effect of insomnia. The other has a side-effect of causing sleepiness. And they don't cancel each other out. The result: hallucinations.

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