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October 20, 2000
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Writeups Killed

Moronic Americans by Catullus and Simeon2000. Inflammatory bickering between noders that doesn't really need to stay, considering neither of them did. I mostly blame Catullus though - noding a list of people you don't like is just asking for trouble.
Throne of Blood by Supabeast. Stupidity about a real throne of blood as opposed to the transcendent movie (though I did keep falling asleep last night watching it). And it's not that I'm opposed to stupidity, but one line doesn't show enough effort to justify it's existence.
U.N.C.L.E.-fucker by payn. Incoherent, poorly written joke. Perhaps the nodeshell shall inspire something.
supabeast by supabeast. Thanks for sharing-type stuff from a fled noder. Homepage?
Hellbilly Deluxe by supabeast. Scant writeup overcome by another.
that remmie guy by Sar-swa and remmie. Self-referential noding by people who weren't around much and didn't stay. Fails node for the ages concerns.
ohe: My Nodespacial Universe by ohe and sar-swa. Ditto.
that Sar-swa chick by sar-swa. Same people, same problems.
dead human being by sar-swa and ohe. A small list of deaths and dead people. Accurate, yet incomplete and pointless.
famous dead people by VFdpl and QuMa. Same problem.
pushing an elephant up the stairs by sar-swa. Again, the same problem. Relevance!
i like you and you like me and now weve smutted wtf is happenin by sar-swa. Incoherent, title and node.
the amount of grot that is imprinted in the minds of year seven by sar-swa. About as readable as the above.
moc.2gnihtyrevE by Dekaritae. One line art node. Let's please not Node for Numbers.
Pamela Anderson Ate My Balls by a life in hell. Completely unnecessary node - the meme is established, and there's no special insight beyond it.
priming the pump by kinch. Cheap sex reference.
node_id 666 by tftv256. Points out the user with node id 666. Considering the huge number of significant numbers, doing a node on just one is fairly pointless.
bad words by steeef and ff. As ff mentions, "I guess I don't really have a point here." Couldn't have said it better myself.
dung sniffing beetle by nilram. See also Kenneth Star insult. I think jp covered this pretty well.
The Little Russian That Could by Lyra Psi. Unreadable node about common russian phrases that were completely wrong.
kill whitey by Weramona and holloway. Inane attempt at humor, and a mini-rant by a fled user. Both disappear without tears.
A Sample Penis Bird Discussion by holloway. Pointless copying of /. trolling conversation that wasn't even humorous.
Seinfelds Last Episode by idiat and mallocat. Grammatically incorrect, and covered much better elsewhere.

Hey Ghods, Remove the Writeups (Without Penalty)

The Little Russian That Could by AntonZ. Original writeup's been removed, so the corrections are unnecessary.

Dear Ghods, Remove the Nodeshells (and edit them out of this writeup then, please?)

Moronic Americans
Seinfelds Last Episode
A Sample Penis Bird Discussion
dung sniffing beetle
bad words
i like you and you like me and now weve smutted wtf is happenin
node_id 666
the amount of grot that is imprinted in the minds of year seven
pushing an elephant up the stairs
famous dead people
dead human body
that Sar-swa chick
Pamela Anderson Ate My Balls
ohe: My Nodespacial Universe
that remmie guy
The Little Russian That Could

(Note from dannye: The above are done.)

Killed: Magrittemad's writeup in Halloween. It was blank and empty, like the eyes of a corpse freshly risen from it's unhallowed grave...

Node Titles Edited: At the request of AntonZ, I changed Node Withdrawl to Node Withdrawal.

More to come, unless E2 suddenly becomes perfect and without flaw.

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