Writeups killed:

  • I hate you ALOT by ajcajajc: I'll reproduce the whole thing, just to share the joy that it brought me:

    THe amount of Hate I feeel tords E2 is growing. You all are evil (the root of all evil even. It seems to me that the rejection of my hate bunny was a rejection ov me and because of that I don't like you... and with that said .

    Bunnys are evil. A small bunny has a small amount of hate and a large bunny has a large amount of hate. so that being true a lot of small bunnys have a lot of small hate. SO if you see a Groupe of bunnys Run because they hate you and every one you knoW. Bunnys with there friend the cows are the root of all evil witch is posesed also by the long haired goat. So kill bunnys, COws, but don't Kill Goats because they will come back to life and Kill you Twice, Yes thats what I said Twice They can ANd I have seen it.

    Go forth and concure


    So there you have it, friends and neighbors. It's a wonderful world, isn't it, where people run around loose gibbering this kind of nonsense at each other. "A lot" is two words, by the way.

Oh, and God bless the good Fruan for nailing that RST thing. RST and I had a long talk about that one some time ago, and I just got so damned bored with the whole thing that I forgot to kill the writeup.

Another day, another migraine.

So far:

I killed tsx's cum-dumpster, which was at -4 for good reason.

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