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September 16, 2000
Everything Editor Logs
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See o dem bones, the strange gyrings and wing-rubbings of thy servants as they report on the state of the hive. These motions and noises are language of a sort. We know not what we say. We know not what we do. But to you, the meanings are clear. What follows is a transcript into one of the tongues of the humans. To us, it is merely more nodegel. We seek out the bad nodegel and eject it into the Crypt, we fasten the good nodegel to the comb so that its sweetness on Page of Cool encourages the noders to exude more of this flavour. We poke and prod, soothe and stroke the noders so that the nodegel flows. We know not what we do or why. This is our life.

The Crypt has returned the following to a liquid state:

  • small breasts by melodrame. By request.
  • The Cow Of Doom returns these nodes to the gel:
    • Jesus
    • penix
    • Rage Against The Toaster
  • If This is Tuesday This Must Be Belgium by Demeter. By request.
  • Ms. Krabaple by tregoweth. By request.
  • usefull by Middlename and General Wesc. By request of wharfinger.
  • I nuked user Middlename. A troll, spleening in Chatter. Not a confused new user. I msged thrice. "FUCK YOU" is not an acceptable response. Threatened to get worse in Chatter. Back to the gel. GLOOP. I don't like doing this. I don't even much care for deleting nodes by living users.
  • Who is the third who walks always beside you? (2) by Dorian. By request.
A number of title changes for tribbel, Uberfetus and others. More nukes:

I killed them and ate them. It was them or me. I had no choice.

  • There is no strategy in StarCraft by Middlename: "I disagree I belive starcraft is lame and without strategy." I /msg'd the user about it. He's barfing crap into the database; this is just the worst of it. I thought a bop on the noggin might help him gain clarity. (I was wrong, by the way; he's gone berserk) (Okay, not berserk, but he was upset and reposted the useless writeup; Uberfetus bagged it the second time).

  • binary by Leto Atreides 2 (last seen June 2): "1010111001000111000110101000101010011000001001101001101010101110..... You get the idea." Yep, I sure do, but only because I already know what it means. Webster 1913 has that part sewn up reasonably well.

  • hence by osjedi (never seen on E2): "Meaning 'as a result of'. For example: M$ sucks, hence I use Linux." Webster 1913 provides a complete definition.

I'm in favor of nuking users who a) contribute very little and b) respond with "FUCK YOU" to /msg's. Opposable thumbs are a good trait in a noder. Middlename wasn't doing much, and he got out of hand when people tried to talk to him about his writeups and his behavior. I have patience with people who can handle criticism, and absolutely none with people who can't. He may have been a borderline case, but I can't see that it was any great loss. When they start re-noding killed garbage writeups, that's usually a sign that they're out of control and they just aren't going to listen to reason.

See his writeups in egcs and V-TOL; D-Gun is a relatively good one. In fact, egcs is not only semi-literate, but also obsolete. I think we should keep it for historical interest alone, though.

/msg tim_three do you think you could do a bit more with collaborate?

/msg Dataknife Fruan's sensibilties and mine are quite normal here. Going through the motions and snickering is not an improvement. This entire discussion has become inexpressibly tedious. In the future, I'll communicate more simply, by voting.
Just like suicide:
  • helpfull by middlename:

    "Helpfull: 1) Something that is usefull 2) Something that assists something in something 3) Something that is required to do something"

    -"Something that is usefull" is a hilarious definition for "helpfull", but I'm sorry, it had to go. :)

  • aol by middlename:

    "A very bad isp". Killed at first sight.

  • There is no strategy in StarCraft by middlename (a repost):

    -Middlename, the tribe has spoken.

  • aeon flux by lucentshoe:

    "this feature being similar in some ways to what seems to allus happen to kenny in south park..."

    -Off-topic; inconsequential.

  • William H. Gates III by calvin_is_stupid:

    "Satan. Need I say more?" Actually, yes.

  • Sean Richardson by calvin_is_stupid:

    "Barely a person (see non-human). Takes a liking to cars, stupid bitches, 4-year-old girls, and nascar racing. Once raped a pair of small children. Emits a stench. A bone fide moron, Sean once stole a spool of copper and attempted to&recycle it for cash.

    -Yeah, I giggled, but this is probably inappropriate, eh?

  • Sean Richardson by android:

    "Do we really need this crap?" Um.... no, we don't.

  • sex with plants by calvin_is_stupid:

    "Placing your genitals in a plant and making a bit of the old in-out in-out motions. See Sean Richardson."

  • Calvin McCutcheon by calvin_is_stupid and eviltobz, respectively:

    "Calvin is what is known today as a moron. Every day, this guy re-invents the wheel, and actually *believes* that his new wheel is going to be even a tiny bit better than the existing wheel. According to him, all that really is in the way is the fact that there's a conspiracy orchestrated by various car manufacturers against him -- they, for some *unknown* reason don't want his wheel. He also smells. It's amazing that someone can take a shower and then fill up a room with incredible stench."

    "Sounds like my kinda guy."

  • stench by calvin_is_stupid and Morgan:

    "An incredibly bad smell. Often emitted by Calvin McCutcheon, 31337 h4x0rs, and Sean Richardson."

    "And teachers."

(In response to kg: I also felt nuking the user was excessive. I read all his writeups; these were the only ones I found kill-worthy)
Killed: nynex's writeup in cactus. All it said was: "fnord". Sometimes Eris is cruel and nukes you straight to hell. Chaos is weird that way.

Killed: nynex's writeups in less, what, and more (they were about his weed pipe, his bong, and his friend's weed pipe, respectively), why (something incoherent about huffing), as well as skullY, yoyopimp, and diabla (his friends who he likes to smoke "the chronic" with). Maybe drugs really do make you stupid... (those last three are probably all nodeshells now)

Killed: herbman's writeup in marihuana: all it said was that it was a misspelling, which, technically, it isn't.

Killed: Ekman's writeup in DC Comics. Just a "See also" writeup.

And then I went pickin' on cantsin (an enjoyable activity which I recommend to everyone).

Killed: cantsin's writeup in you suck. "I don't know if you really suck. Or if you do, if it'll do you any good to be reminded. I just wanted there to be a 'you suck' node. I wish I had something clever to say in this space. If you do, please do over on the other side there. God, I bet someone who really sucks is going to put something pithy there. I'm wondering now if I suck? Its a concern." The writeup sucks, that's for sure.

Killed: cantsin's writeup in Jimmy Stewart. "Jimmy Stewart was a great actor who is now dead but starred in It's a Wonderful Life and Harvey and many other movies. Unfortunately, he was a pal of Ronald Reagan's." Almost entirely useless. Almost entirely NFN. Considered keeping it for the scant information it provided, but it was a generally lousy writeup, so I felt little guilt in killing it.

Killed: cantsin's writeup in I pity the fool. "I pity the fool who don't heed Mr. T's Commandments!" I also glared angrily at several other writeups in this node...not pingouin's, of course...

Killed: cantsin's writeup in Mr. T's Commandments. It said: "I pity the fool who don't heed Mr. T's commandments!" So said Mr. T in that simpler, happier time. Someone should really put them in that second writeup space. Or maybe later when I have the inclination to find them I'll put them here. I remember that one of them was "obey your parents" and one was "don't do drugs". Useless. Stupid. NFN. And the second writeup beat that one all to hell.

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