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In my attempt to add fuel to the bonfire called "dannye is the biggest asshole editor on this site," I have removed almost all of the How Many X Does It Take to Change a Light Bulb nodes. Several users were affected; some more than others. None were removed with any penalty. My suggestion would be this:

If your Light Bulb writeup was important to you, please put it under the topic to which it pertains. For instance, How Many Basset Hounds Does It Take to Change a Light Bulb could be placed under Basset hound. This would make the data base more concise. It might also help you think through the concept and ask yourself, "Is this really needed here?"

Thank you for your patience, and send all hate mail to dem bones. He has been wondering why more of you aren't complaining about what I do here these days.

For the perusal of the gods and other Editors, I humbly submit this month's body count from yours truly... so far. Beneath each listing is the Klaproth message I sent along with the nuke, where applicable. Where writeups are grouped together, I sent the message listed to all noders in that grouping.

Relying upon the wisdom of Tem42, I too have not listed any writeups deleted by request. If you have come here to find out which SOB killed your latest personal literary masterpiece and you find it in this list, please send your complaints to dem bones. I'm sure he'd like a closer look at your work himself.

Update 09/22/2001:
After some unfocused reprisals from dem bones to the staff at large, I am trying to be a kinder, gentler Editor. I am also trying to own-up to my killin' with each Klaproth message. I'll never measure up to sensei, but I must always strive for that level of professionalism and courtesy. Wish me luck.

  • Quit bashing China's birth control policy (idea) node_id=1149819 by The Desert Fox (mercifully)
    Klaproth: a four-sentence writeup with no links just doesn't cut it around here anymore. Try harder
  • cord (person) node_id=1149952 by cord
    Klaproth: this is not what E2 is for! Sorry
  • "Breeders" is a butt-ugly word (idea) node_id=1073692 by Saska (mercifully)
    Klaproth: it is subjectively GTKY and it contains no links. We hope to see you on E2 again soon - please read Link and Link
  • What makes up your computer? (thing) node_id=599753 by burnboy (mercifully)
    What makes up your computer? (thing) node_id=599840 by ivan37 (mercifully)
    What makes up your computer? (thing) node_id=599886 by getzburg (mercifully)
    Klaproth: it is GTKY and NFN. And because nobody cares
  • phil hartman (person) node_id=60319 by tove (mercifully)
    phil hartman (person) node_id=60320 by Foaf (mercifully)
    Phil Hartman (person) node_id=674058 by mrichich (mercifully)
    Phil Hartman (person) node_id=893755 by weathervane (mercifully)
    Klaproth: it was superseded by a superior writeup
  • How to Steak the Perfect Cook (idea) node_id=1151681 by WarMachine (mercifully)
    Klaproth: it was so funny, I had to kill it. Sorry, love
  • When do boys become men and men grow up? (idea) node_id=1151852 by Fizdup (mercifully)
    Klaproth: it is a waste of a perfectly good nodeshell. Thanks for your opinion, but no thanks
  • In The Vault (idea) node_id=1151855 by The Rational Hatter (mercifully)
    The Moon Bog (idea) node_id=1151814 by The Rational Hatter (mercifully)
    The Silver Key (idea) node_id=1151759 by The Rational Hatter (mercifully)
    The Hound (idea) node_id=1151068 by The Rational Hatter (mercifully)
    The Thing in the Moonlight (idea) node_id=1151029 by The Rational Hatter (mercifully)
    Azathoth (idea) node_id=831838 by Pseudo_Intellectual (mercifully)
    Klaproth: it is copyrighted, and we do not have the rights to reproduce it on E2
  • A Guide To Living With Our Robot Friends (idea) node_id=1152130 by MrWednesday (mercifully)
    Klaproth: you just haven't Earn Your Bullshit|earned it yet, baby
  • Doom II (thing) node_id=39663 PhilHibbs (mercifully)
    Doom II (thing) node_id=39664 Derceto (mercifully)
    Doom II (idea) node_id=530216 Leynos (mercifully)
    Klaproth: it was superseded by a superior writeup
  • computers are feckin' awesome (idea) node_id=672371 swifticus (mercifully)
    Klaproth: it's really GTKY, and not because of the spelling issues
  • Ian Jackson (person) node_id=142245 molo (mercifully)
    Klaproth: it was superseded by a superior writeup
  • sheik (idea) node_id=1152659 some_guy (mercifully)
    Klaproth: we really don't need made-up stuff like this in the database. Nice idea, but sorry
  • Men Mature Faster than women (idea) node_id=1152727 Mike1024 (mercifully)
    Men mature faster than women (idea) node_id=1152736 TrojanJedi (mercifully)
    Klaproth: we are not going to start another GTKY node
  • windows (thing) node_id=1152871 Mortice (mercifully)
    Klaproth: you should consider moving this to window instead. Better yet, reconsider
  • hell.com (idea) node_id=1152986 by 000 (mercifully)
    Klaproth: noding about web sites is a bad idea, especially ones that no longer exist. Please don't do it. Thanks
  • Encomienda (thing) node_id=1153131 by Velocity
    Klaproth: Cut-and-Paste Writeups Will Die: http://www.factmonster.com/ce6/history/A0817314.html
  • Kevin Spacey (person) node_id=22795 by anvilman (mercifully)
    Kevin Spacey (person) node_id=484302 by Spydr (mercifully)
    Kevin Spacey (person) node_id=484304 by amelinda (mercifully)
    Klaproth: it was superseded by a superior writeup
  • Zits (thing) node_id=564809 by Protector of Mankind (mercifully)
    Klaproth: it was superseded by a superior writeup
  • Why Can't I Write A Popular Node? (idea) node_id=1153238 by rsg3 (mercifully)
    Klaproth: noding about noding is something that you can do once you earn your bullshit. You just haven't earned it yet, baby
  • wierd (idea) node_id=1055761 by ssd (mercifully)
    Klaproth: it's redundant. And kinda stupid. Don't pollute our beloved nodegel like this, please
  • taking a dump (idea) node_id=1153234 by some_guy
    I repeatedly messaged this user over a 30-45 minute period, with no response. The user was actively online the whole time. An hour or so after I gave up and nuked the writeup, he replied. Transcript follows:
    (10 minutes after writeup was posted) you said "Hello. I am troubled by several of your recent writeups. Most recently, taking a dump. I almost killed this with penalty, but decided to msg you first. Why do you keep submitting stuff like this? Don't you know what E2 is all about yet?" to some_guy

    (15 minutes later) you said "Those weren't rhetorical questions, by the way. Please respond to me. I am here to help you if you will let me." to some_guy

    (25 minutes later) you said "Your writeup on taking a dump has reached -5 rep. It seems I am not the only one who thinks this sort of noding is a problem. If you are not willing to respond to me, that's not a good sign. Please converse with me." to some_guy

    2001.09.06 at 07:39 some_guy says oops. was busy with another wu. :-/
  • Burger King (place) node_id=35095 by Wrexen (mercifully)
    Klaproth: it was superseded by a superior writeup
  • Burger King (idea) node_id=1153386 by X Omniverse (mercifully)
    Klaproth: it is glib. If you want to write us a thoughtful, 3 or 4 paragraph story about your experiences, fine. Please do
  • If Microsoft made cars (idea) node_id=1153389 by X Omniverse (mercifully)
    Klaproth: you obviously haven't read the rules here yet. You need to start with Everything FAQ. Don't go much further until you've read it
  • Math Emporium (idea) node_id=1152902 by X Omniverse (mercifully)
  • womyn (idea) node_id=1152692 by X Omniverse (mercifully)
  • egoism (idea) node_id=1152493 by X Omniverse (mercifully)
    Klaproth: it basically just restates the definition given in the other writeups
  • objective reality (idea) node_id=73598 by boyo (mercifully)
  • objective reality (idea) node_id=377733 by Hai-Etlik (mercifully)
    Klaproth: the writeup it was responding to was deleted
  • creative metaphors to describe the act of taking a shit (thing) node_id=667367 by stylee (mercifully)
    creative metaphors to describe the act of taking a shit (thing) node_id=748205 by ikeleib (mercifully)
    creative metaphors to describe the act of taking a shit (idea) node_id=834116 by Schemer (mercifully)
    creative metaphors to describe the act of taking a shit (idea) node_id=834146 by witchiepoo (mercifully)
    creative metaphors to describe the act of taking a shit (idea) node_id=1153455 by weber (mercifully)
  • heavy (idea) node_id=27369 by krellis (mercifully)
  • optical mouse (thing) node_id=1153998 by some_guy (mercifully)
    Klaproth: cute wasn't called for in this node
  • NPC (idea) node_id=1153999 by tontalus (mercifully)
  • multiverse (thing) node_id=86159 by yurtle (mercifully)
    Klaproth: it was superseded by a superior writeup
  • multiverse (idea) node_id=1049833 by HamsterMan (mercifully)
    Klaproth: it does not contribute to the node in any meaningful way
  • omniverse (idea) node_id=1154044 by X Omniverse (mercifully)
    Klaproth: short one-line writeups with a "See also:" are not acceptible here. Go look back at multiverse and see what I mean
  • Bill Clinton (idea) node_id=1154226 by MrWednesday (mercifully)
    Klaproth: cute one-line quotes do not a writeup make
  • Superball (thing) node_id=738315 by mkb (mercifully)
    Klaproth: it was superseded by a superior writeup (but not by much)
  • freind (person) node_id=1154282 by Bobh (mercifully)
    Klaproth: it is a made-up term. Please don't add stuff like this to our database
  • Is the Internet down? (idea) node_id=1154294 by Volrath50 (mercifully)
    Klaproth: this is an example of what we call "getting to know you" nodes, or GTKY. Don't do this. Thank you
  • Is the Internet down? (idea) node_id=538971 by Pteryx (mercifully)
    Is the Internet down? (thing) node_id=538994 by gnarl (mercifully)
    Is the Internet down? (idea) node_id=939813 by beak (mercifully)
    Is the Internet down? (idea) node_id=1116140 by bdubeck (mercifully)
    Klaproth: it's GTKY and begged to die
  • Extreme Pain (person) node_id=1154608 by vinnimoto (mercifully)
    Klaproth: you've not read all the rule of E2 yet. Please see Everything FAQ to get started
  • Condescend (idea) node_id=1154635 by Posmella (mercifully)
    Klaproth: this topic is already covered in You're a 13 year old, not an adult, and it's GTKY as it is
  • world+dog (idea) node_id=1154655 by inio (mercifully)
    Klaproth: this makes little sense and is not softlinked. You've got to earn your bullshit around here, and that's not a joke
  • EARLY COLLEGE PRODIGY (place) node_id=1155054 by Ranea (mercifully)
    Klaproth: you haven't read the rules here. Please see Everything FAQ before getting started
  • Early entrance college programs (idea) node_id=1036624 by Ranea (mercifully)
    Klaproth: this sort of thing is GTKY and is not acceptable here
  • Self-Defense (idea) node_id=63990 by rae (mercifully) (E1)
    Self-Defense (idea) node_id=63991 by tentac1e (mercifully) (E1)
  • brews (thing) node_id=11808 by Emanuel (mercifully) (E1)
    brews (thing) node_id=11809 by jtraub (mercifully) (E1)
  • instability (idea) node_id=12617 by epoch (mercifully) (E1)
  • Scary ads (thing) node_id=36688 by marquis (mercifully) (E1)
    Scary ads (thing) node_id=36689 by Gary Franczyk (mercifully) (E1)
  • CBC (thing) node_id=42496 Shecket (mercifully) (E1)
    Klaproth: it was superseded by many superior writeups a long time ago
  • CBC (thing) node_id=42497 by biafra (mercifully) (E1)
  • Michael Jordan (person) node_id=19247 by drysdam (mercifully) (E1)
  • collect calls (thing) node_id=37266 by drysdam (mercifully)
  • collect calls (thing) node_id=542330 by mcSey (mercifully)
    Klaproth: it was useless
  • quebecois (person) node_id=36531 by rave (mercifully) (E1)
    quebecois (person) node_id=36532 by KrAphtd1nN3r (mercifully) (E1)
  • sleet (thing) node_id=19663 by Janne (mercifully) (E1)
  • 1-800-COLLECT (idea) node_id=22119 by kcalder (mercifully) (E1)
    1-800-COLLECT (idea) node_id=22120 by plainsong (mercifully) (E1)
    1-800-COLLECT (idea) node_id=450048 by BuzzKill (mercifully)
    1-800-COLLECT (idea) node_id=450071 by csm_714 (mercifully)
    1-800-COLLECT (thing) node_id=455982 by Saige (mercifully)
  • Purple is a fruit (idea) node_id=27803 by plainsong (mercifully) (E1)
  • spaghetti code (thing) node_id=27799 by plainsong (mercifully) (E1)
    spaghetti code (thing) node_id=27800 by K-Man (mercifully) (E1)
  • squishee (thing) node_id=27797 by plainsong (mercifully) (E1)
  • Ivo Watts Russell (person) node_id=39510 by plainsong (mercifully) (E1)
    Klaproth: it was redundant
  • debigulator (thing) node_id=43285 by plainsong (mercifully) (E1)
  • Nelson Muntz (person) node_id=44828 by plainsong (mercifully) (E1)
  • speed metal (idea) node_id=1155891 by wizzard (mercifully)
    Klaproth: it is a bit too self-referential for our database. Sorry
  • i hate cake (idea) node_id=1156397 by Glowing Fish (mercifully)
    Klaproth: if I've ever seen anything that SO belonged in a daylog, this is it. Please move it there
  • insects (thing) node_id=32736 by deuterium (mercifully) (E1)
  • the shaft (idea) node_id=81389 by bondolo (mercifully) (E1)
  • theshaft (thing) node_id=581810 by mat catastrophe (mercifully)
    Klaproth: it deserved it. However, if you must, you can move this miserable thing to the shaft. But I wouldn't
  • the-shaft (thing) node_id=12989 by efrisch (mercifully) (E1)
  • phallic (idea) node_id=13038 by efrisch (mercifully) (E1)
    phallic (idea) node_id=13039 by bgue (mercifully) (E1)
  • phallic (idea) node_id=472177 by tregoweth (mercifully)
    Klaproth: it was the merciful thing to do
  • time lords (idea) node_id=20244 by efrisch (mercifully) (E1)
  • Agent 007 (person) node_id=20338 by efrisch (mercifully) (E1)
  • Eeek! (thing) node_id=23240 by efrisch (mercifully) (E1)
  • 30-ish (idea) node_id=19880 by Synistar (mercifully) (E1)
  • kazoo (thing) node_id=19893 by Synistar (mercifully) (E1)
  • bagpipes (thing) node_id=40760 by Synistar (mercifully) (E1)
  • bagpipe (thing) node_id=33148 by psmith (mercifully) (E1)
    bagpipe (thing) node_id=33149 by slugo (mercifully) (E1)
    Klaproth: it was superseded by superior writeups
  • source code (thing) node_id=10927 by rellman (mercifully) (E1)
  • guilt (idea) node_id=31394 by rellman (mercifully) (E1)
  • guilt (thing) node_id=451500 by tim_three (mercifully)
    Klaproth: it was superseded by superior writeups
  • Being a freshman sucks dick (idea) node_id=1156603 by crayz (rep at time of deletion: -6)
    Klaproth: you should know by now that this sort of thing belongs in a daylog. You seem to enjoy having your writeups nuked. I wonder why
  • cathode ray tube (thing) node_id=919120 by ukyoCE (mercifully)
    Klaproth: it is already represented under cathode-ray tube (spelled correctly, per WordNet) and CRT
  • noise (thing) node_id=42183 by Zorin (mercifully) (E1)
    noise (thing) node_id=42184 by hell is now love (mercifully) (E1)
    Klaproth: it was superseded by Webby
  • To some guys, the whole world's a cunt (idea) node_id=1156642 by Simpleton (mercifully)
    Klaproth: it's rather lurid and kind of porny. We really don't need this kind of thing on E2, it's bait for similar material. Sorry
  • Windows Happens (idea) node_id=140288 by Sinergy (mercifully) (E1)
  • jingoism (idea) node_id=83590 by hoopy_frood (mercifully) (E1)
    jingoism (idea) node_id=83591 by KaZe JoNeS (mercifully) (E1)
    Klaproth: it was superseded by a superior writeup
  • Why does the USA hate Islam (idea) node_id=1157218 by maxlittlemore (mercifully)
    Klaproth: it is GTKY and baiting for more - don't do this
  • holy (idea) node_id=73425 by Therac-25 (mercifully) (E1)
    Klaproth: it is a misspelling of "holey"
  • A.B.C. (thing) node_id=116182 by funkboy3 (mercifully) (E1)
    Klaproth: it's completely pointless and self-referential in a non-specific way
  • "Here She Comes Now" (thing) node_id=494570 by Electricsound (mercifully)
    Klaproth: it is noded under Here She Comes Now, which supersedes your work. Sorry
  • stuff my uncle says (idea) node_id=421914 by sydnius (mercifully)
    stuff my uncle says (idea) node_id=422362 by Pseudo_Intellectual (mercifully)
    stuff my uncle says (idea) node_id=422366 by icicle (mercifully)
    stuff my uncle says (idea) node_id=1157613 by superfly
    Klaproth: it's bollocks
  • McCarthy (person) node_id=1157642 by drownzsurf (mercifully)
    Klaproth: you should node this under the Eugene McCarthy nodeshell instead
  • The wickedness and awesome cruelty of a crushed and humiliated people (thing) node_id=1157961 by Squalor
    Klaproth: it is a copyright violation. See http://www.independent.co.uk/legal/story.jsp?story=72172
  • Never in the field of human conflict was so much owed by so many to so few (idea) node_id=616964 by Zulu One (mercifully)
    Klaproth: vague recollections about a quote from a movie do not make for a worthy writeup
  • Never in the field of human conflict was so much owed by so many to so few (idea) node_id=1157970 by ur55318008 (mercifully)
    Klaproth: one-sentence follow-up comments do not make for a worthy writeup
  • Never in the field of human conflict was so much owed by so many to so few (idea) node_id=1157983 by KillerPenguin (mercifully)
    Klaproth: you need to confine yr brief comments regarding September 11, 2001 to the appropriate nodes. Don't go spreading them all over
  • Noam Chomsky on the Attacks Against the World Trade Center and the Pentagon (idea) node_id=1157990 by khym chanur (mercifully)
    Klaproth: we don't need to start into debating Mr. Chomsky, as Mr. Chomsky isn't here on E2 to rebut your comments
  • Rules I Live By (idea) node_id=1158052 by Cathleen (mercifully)
    Klaproth: this is what you homenode is for
  • ucky (idea) node_id=1158068 by arturs (mercifully)
    Klaproth: this is sort of made-up, isn't it? I mean, haven't you ever heard the word yucky before? C'mon, don't do stuff like this
  • brainwashing (thing) node_id=57387 by ascending (mercifully) (E1)
    brainwashing (idea) node_id=725483 by Nailbunny (mercifully)
    Klaproth: it's not really that funny
  • Noam Chomsky on the Attacks Against the World Trade Center and the Pentagon (idea) node_id=1158165 by replicrat (mercifully)
    Klaproth: we don't need to start into debating Mr. Chomsky, as Mr. Chomsky isn't here on E2 to rebut your comments
  • How to build a hijack-proof airplane (idea) node_id=1158237 by X Omniverse
    Klaproth: you are not Node for the ages|noding for the ages. Please, please, please... don't post stuff like this. We love this place
  • drummers always do more than drum, you ever notice that? (idea) node_id=670476 by Gruad (mercifully)
    drummers always do more than drum, you ever notice that? (idea) node_id=670492 by wharfinger (mercifully)
    drummers always do more than drum, you ever notice that? (idea) node_id=810364 by JayBees (mercifully)
    drummers always do more than drum, you ever notice that? (idea) node_id=810374 by fugitive247 (mercifully)
    drummers always do more than drum, you ever notice that? (idea) node_id=810389 by goneaway (mercifully)
    Drummers always do more than drum; you ever notice that? (person) node_id=909740 by Beltane (mercifully)
    Drummers always do more than drum; you ever notice that? (person) node_id=1158372 by BtS (mercifully)
    Klaproth: the entire node was nuked for being GTKY
  • how much is a pint of milk? (idea) node_id=1159734 by Tiefling (mercifully)
    Klaproth: it's responsive to a pointless writeup. We all know how much a pint is. Stop writing garbage like this, please
  • dress like a terrorist (idea) node_id=1159363 by Lt Smash
    Klaproth: while its intent is humorous, it's in poor taste and generally unnecessary to the needs of the database
  • cynic (person) node_id=36932 by verdandi (mercifully) (E1)
    cynic (person) node_id=36933 by bishop (mercifully) (E1)
    cynic (person) node_id=177632 by LordOmar (mercifully)
    cynic (idea) node_id=574154 by Zulu One (mercifully)
    cynic (person) node_id=582492 by adoxograph (mercifully)
    cynic (person) node_id=594523 by jw_rush (mercifully)
    cynic (idea) node_id=1150073 by MarkP (mercifully)
    Klaproth: this node needed pruning badly. Sorry, but your writeup didn't make the cut
  • cornflakes (thing) node_id=930184 by Metacognizant (mercifully)
    Klaproth: it is factually incorrect, and besides should have been noded under Corn Flakes as it is two words - not one
  • Jesus and computers joke (thing) node_id=996775 by artemis entreri (mercifully)
    Jesus and computers joke (idea) node_id=1159475 by KillerPenguin (mercifully)
    Klaproth: jokes are not quality content, but NFN rubbish. Shame, shame
  • WTC world leaders comments (idea) node_id=1160372 by hotthamir
    Klaproth: there are no citations for these "quotes", and the point of posting this is confusing at best. What were you thinking? I wonder
  • 9.11 (idea) node_id=1160395 by soulhuntre (mercifully)
    Klaproth: this idea has already been noded. I'm glad to see you back here after a year's absence, but raising the bar|things have changed. Sorry
  • Punch Thyself Project (thing) node_id=1161833 by PunchThyselfProject
  • AD&D (thing) node_id=379752 by Mihtjel (mercifully)
    Klaproth: this is just silliness, really. Lists of things don't make for quality nodes. Sorry
  • Dungeons and Dragons (thing) node_id=511116 by amelinda (mercifully)
    Klaproth: we are consolidating the many D&D writeups. Your writeup under Dungeons & Dragons will be moved to this node
  • Dungeons and Dragons (idea) node_id=783838 by mblase (mercifully)
    Klaproth: its content is being superseded with firmlinks and a reparenting project
  • Dungeons and Dragons (thing) node_id=12689 by jtraub (mercifully) (E1)
    Klaproth: it was superseded by later writeups and through node consolidation
  • D&D (thing) node_id=502623 by amelinda (mercifully)
    Klaproth: it was superseded via writeup reparenting
  • D&D 3e (thing) node_id=620144 by Mister E! (mercifully)
    Klaproth: it has been superseded via node consolidation
  • secret of popularity (idea) node_id=553062 by themusic (mercifully)
    Klaproth: it drew the attention of another one-line writeup. Sorry. -panamaus
  • secret of popularity (idea) node_id=1162894 by Hot_Rod (mercifully)
    Klaproth: one-line writeups like this are no longer acceptable. Sorry. -panamaus
  • click (thing) node_id=44097 by yurtle (mercifully) (E1)
    Klaproth: E1 writeup. -panamaus
  • click (thing) node_id=1162955 by pedrolio (mercifully)
    Klaproth: it is redundant and therefore unnecessary. Sorry. -panamaus
  • you will go to the moon (thing) node_id=1017202 by Truffle (mercifully)
    Klaproth: it was superseded by a superior writeup. Sorry! -panamaus
  • Why Did Ever We Meet (thing) node_id=1163170 by azzer (mercifully)
    Klaproth: it reached a rep of -6, so I killed it mercifully to prevent you any further loss of XP. Sorry. --panamaus
  • punk (idea) node_id=1163266 by metalhedd_ (mercifully)
    Klaproth: cut-and-paste writeups will die. And you didn't Link and Link|link it. Plus, it's already a punk manifesto|here. Sorry
  • frying pan (thing) node_id=118798 by pacgnosis (mercifully) (E1)
    Klaproth: it was superseded by a superior writeup
  • Just like tomato soup node_id=706982 (idea) by Mer (mercifully)
    Klaproth: it was duplicated in the database. These things happen sometimes. I saved the text just in case. --panamaus
  • Change Your Mind (idea) node_id=398648 by JuryFury (mercifully) (fled user)
  • emo (idea) node_id=1097953 by Drewid (mercifully)
    Klaproth: it was at -5 rep after I upvoted it, and it really doesn't contribute to the content of the node in a meaningful way. -panamaus
  • A Night at the Opera (thing) node_id=41925 by Omer (mercifully) (E1)
    A Night at the Opera (thing) node_id=41926 by Zach (mercifully) (E1)
    Klaproth: it was superseded by a superior writeup. --panamaus
  • Hoover (thing) node_id=647349 by mgriffithsuk (mercifully)
    Klaproth: it contains no links, is a "one-liner" and has a negative rep. Sorry. --panamaus
  • eat a bag of dicks (idea) node_id=1166156 by j-rock nowhere (mercifully)
    Klaproth: it reached a rep of -10, so I killed it mercifully to prevent you and further loss of XP. (don't do stuff like this please) -pm
  • State of the race (idea) node_id=1166205 by yowi (mercifully)
    Klaproth: it reached a rep of -6, is not linked, and is generally unacceptable content for the database. Sorry. -pm
  • Breakout (thing) node_id=572769 by synaesmedia (mercifully)
  • Breakout (thing) node_id=858759 by kamamer (mercifully)
    Klaproth: it was superseded by a superior writeup. -maus
  • Nolan Bushnell (person) node_id=11858 by Pathwalker (mercifully) (E1)
  • Nolan Bushnell (person) node_id=11859 by kessenich (mercifully) (E1)
    Klaproth: it's an E1 writeup, and it's been largely superseded by a more content-rich writeup. -maus
  • Citizen Kane (thing) node_id=123270 by Xamot (mercifully) (E1)
  • Citizen Kane (thing) node_id=123271 by Jet-Poop (mercifully) (E1)
    Klaproth: it's from E1, and it has been superseded by a superior writeup. Sorry. -maus
That's all for September. For more carnage by yours truly, head over here.

September 15, 2001

It has been some time since I deleted anything worthy of note. Lately my new E2 job as Klaproth's administrative assistant keeps me busy. But sometimes I happen across writeups that just smell ... wrong. Too sophisticated or too urbane, or with academic phrasing that almost no one on E2 employs in writeups. Such was the case today.

I removed Pedro's E1 era writeup on cubism. Rep: 10 (+11/-1) - downvote by me.
Klaproth: ... it was copied from two websites. See my Editor Log: September 2001 - Lord Brawl. Repost in your *own words* if you like.

It was a word for word copy of http://www.ibiblio.org/wm/paint/glo/cubism/, with further text from http://www.artlex.com/ArtLex/c/cubism.html appended for good measure. From the amount of text I suspect it was enlarged since the E1 days - which would have been a good time to rewrite in the noder's own words.

Cubism could use a good, original writeup, if anyone's so inclined.

Removed a w/u by idoru of the "I work here" variety. Also removed Snow Crash by fled user viveka - basically advertising her company's wares. A definite no-no, which had the node at Rep: -12 (+3/-15) after a downvote by me.

September 17, 2001

Removed CmdrTaco Vs. Nate, a relic of E1 and indulgence of the 'gods' and long-time noders. We'd never put up with this from new users, and thus must hold to the same standard ourselves.

September 18, 2001

I tried to talk kamamer and jbird out of leaving E2 and taking their writeups with them. They're serious about it, though, and I don't think I can convince them not to demand total writeup armageddon. Sigh.

I culled some of my own writeups while sending lots of /msgs about the above problem. Mostly looking for anything of mine that might be GTKY or short factual w/us that have been superceded by more knowledgable ones. If you see anything of mine that's become obsolete, please let me know and I'll give way gracefully.

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